Visits For June, 2007

Sunday, 3rd June 2007

Getting Wet For Nothing

Oh dear. How embarassing! Today I drove down to Waterford, arrived at my first site in the pouring rain. I walked around the edge of two fields and reached the monument. As I suspected it was still bramble encrusted and totally invisible.

I decided to kicked some of the brambles away from the front to see if I could catch the slightest glimpse of its remains. This worked out ok, but then the day took a nose dive. I took out my camera, turned it on, pointed it, pressed the button and nothing happened. I'd left the batteries at home on my desk! A quick fumble in my camera bag revealed that I hadn't got the little widget on me that allows the use of AA batteries in my camera. Oh well. It's only 150km to Waterford.

At least the weather forcast for tomorrow is good. Hopefully I shall be able to get back down there then and see the sites that were on my list for today.

Ballindud (Co. Waterford)Portal TombAwaiting New Images

Sunday, 10th June 2007

A Real Scorcher Of A Day In Waterford

The only way I got wet today was through getting very hot, wandering around County Waterford in the 24? heat. What a beautiful day!

Having seen so many of Waterford's greatest monuments it's getting difficult to get from one site to another. The sites I still need to see are spread so thinly, that it takes me all day to see half a dozen. It is worth it, though. There are so many wonderful places in Waterford that it is always a pleasure to be there. The people are really friendly, too: always keen to help, and even to take you to the stones if they have time.

Today wasn't all about the monuments: I was also focusing on the landscape around them. Sometimes, when you are visiting a lot of sites it is easy to not see what's going on around you - to not see where the monument actually is. Every now and then it's worth taking a little time to do this.

Occasionally, it is also worth dedicating an hour of a stretched day to finding one monument, even if the farmer doesn't know it's on his land. My hunt for the three bullaun stones in Kilbrack was partially successful - I found one of them, and what a wonderful example it is, too.

Crehanagh South (Co. Waterford)Ogham Stone7 New Images
Sheskin (Co. Waterford)Portal Tomb2 New Images
Ballinadysert (Co. Waterford)Stone Pair2 New Images
Kilbrack (Co. Waterford)Bullaun Stone2 New Images
Rathmaiden (Co. Waterford)Stone Row or Alignment4 New Images
Sheskin (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone2 New Images

Saturday, 23rd June 2007

A Little Bit Of Waterford And Cork

The weather forecast for the weekend said rain on Sunday, but Saturday would be good in the south. So, I decided that Saturday it would have to be. If the forecast changed then I would be able to stay overnight and see some more sites on Sunday. It didn't change, so I just spent the Saturday down there.

I wasn't in the mood for climbing hills. This meant that I could cross a couple of great cairns off my list, which meant that I could do something else instead. I visited the Waterford sites on my list and crossed over into Cork for a fine stone pair. I didn't know it was a stone pair - the OS map simply said Standing Stone.

I had checked the tide times just in case I had time on Sunday, should I stay overnight, so that I could try and get to the tidal-bound-water's-edge portal tomb at Rostellan, west of Cloyne in County Cork. With some spare time in hand I chose to make the big diversion and go there anyway. What a great place!

I must mention one thing - the rhubarb and apple pie in the tea rooms at Mount Mellary Abbey near Cappoquin in Waterford. Heated up with a bit of whipped cream it's sublime! The five ogham stones that they have on display are good, as is the rest of the display, but the pie is wonderful!

The Tampauns - Reanadampaun Commons (Co. Waterford)Stone Row or Alignment3 New Images
Aughavanlomaun (Co. Cork)Stone Pair7 New Images
Mount Mellory Abbey - Mountmellory (Co. Waterford)Ogham Stone6 New Images
Knockcorragh (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone5 New Images
Rostellan (Co. Cork)Portal Tomb7 New Images
St. Coran's Well - Youghal (Co. Cork)Holy Well1 New Image
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