Visits For June, 2005

Saturday, 4th June 2005


Still not a lot going on here, because of a heavy work schedule and much rewriting of this website. The new improvements will be worth waiting for, I hope.

June's calendar page will arrive shortly. I foolishly decided to redo it and haven't managed to finish it off. Hopefully it will be ready by Tuesday. Sorry about that.

In the meantime, please enjoy your weekend and if you're in Ireland enjoy your long weekend and drive safely.

Ride On!!


Carnfadrig - Ballywholan (Co. Tyrone)Portal Tomb2 New Images
Carnagat - Ballywholan (Co. Tyrone)Court Tomb9 New Images
Creggandevesky (Co. Tyrone)Court Tomb4 New Images
Dunnamore (Co. Tyrone)Wedge Tomb4 New Images
Beaghmore (Co. Tyrone)Stone Circle3 New Images
Aghascrebagh (Co. Tyrone)Ogham Stone4 New Images
Aghascrebagh (Co. Tyrone)Standing Stone4 New Images

Sunday, 5th June 2005

A Bank Holiday Trip to the North Day 2

We were woken by glorious sun streaming into the tent, but it didn't last. The Donegal weather system soon realised what was going on and resumed (seemingly) normal service. Yes, it started to drizzle! The day was a good one though and I managed to get to a good variety (if not massive quantity) of new sites as well as a couple of previously visited favourites.

Since this visit we have bought a new tent. A one roomed, two-person tent is ok when the weather is fine, but when it rains it's next to useless. Now we just have to plan the next weekend outing to use it.

Gortnavern (Co. Donegal)Portal Tomb7 New Images
Drumhallagh Upper (Co. Donegal)Court Tomb8 New Images
Binn (Co. Donegal)Portal Tomb4 New Images
Grianan an Ailleach - Grianan of Ailech (Co. Donegal)Stone Fort10 New Images
Inch Island - Carnaghan (Co. Donegal)Portal Tomb6 New Images
Beltany Tops (Co. Donegal)Stone Circle8 New Images

Tuesday, 21st June 2005

Summer Solstice Blues

Actually a bit of blue would have been great this morning! Instead it was grey, grey, grey. The slightest glimmer of light to the NE was all we were treated to.

My wife and I had decided to get up (yesterday was fantastic) and head for somewhere close. My choice was a little unorthadox - a church. I did have good reason for choosing such an oddball place, though. I believe Laughlanstown (County Dublin) is built on a much more ancient place. It is said to have been visited by St. Brigit, but this could actually point to an older Celtic Brigid association for the site.

Tully Church - Laughlanstown (Co. Dublin)Church3 New Images
Laughlanstown (Co. Dublin)High Cross4 New Images

Sunday, 26th June 2005

Wild Fowers and Old Stones

What a beautiful day! Almost too good really. The sun shone down and nearly gave me heatstroke - I must get a summer hat.

I spent the day around the Fermanagh/Leitrim border. I got to a couple of sites that have been on my list for a long time, but didn't get to one of my targets: once again I left Shasgar 'til late in the day and didn't have the energy to climb that hill. I really must aim to do that first next time.

While I was out and about I came across some Spotted Orchids. A pale mauve flower with darker puple loops and spots. Absolutely beautiful!

Aghnaglack (Co. Fermanagh)Court Tomb12 New Images
The Shaking Stone - Clogherbog (Co. Fermanagh)Rock Outcrop6 New Images
Cornacully (Co. Fermanagh)Court Tomb6 New Images
Lisdarush (Co. Leitrim)Wedge Tomb6 New Images
Lisda Rush - Lisdarush (Co. Leitrim)Ring Fort2 New Images
Killinagh (Co. Cavan)Holy Well1 New Image
St Brigit's Stone - Termon or Killinagh (Co. Cavan)Bullaun Stone10 New Images
The Shannon Pot - Legnashinna (Co. Cavan)Lake or Island2 New Images
Glangevlin (Co. Cavan)Stone Row or Alignment2 New Images
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