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Saturday, 24th July 2010

The Megalithomania Meet-Up 2010 : Rath Croghan

The people from the megalithomania forums (plus a few others) met up to get to know each other and explore the amazing monuments that make up the Rath Croghan complex in County Roscommon. Not everyone could attend, but 10 of us braved the early rain and were rewarded with a fine day amongst good people and great monuments. I don't think any of us truly expected all the sites to be so good.

We met for an initial coffee and chat at the Cruachan Ai visitor centre in Tulsk and set off to Rath Croghan itself, the massive mound along side the road. While we were here it was raining, but we still enjoyed a walk and a chat. From there we moved on to Rath Mor, the inaugural mound and then to Rath Beg, a large roadside stepped barrow.

A short distance down the road we saw what must be Ireland's largest barrow - 85m in diameter - You could fit Newgrange into that! That's big! From there we went to Oweynagat, a site that is difficult to find, but worth the effort. This is a souterrain that leads into a cave, which is said to link to Kesh mountain in Sligo. A mythical boar is said to have erupted from here and created the earthworks in the surrounding fields with his tusks. Not all of us made it into the cave, but those that did really enjoyed themselves and got very, very muddy!

The next stop was to be Daithi's Stone, a standing stone set on top of a mound. We got close, but the presence of a very large bull in the field stopped us at the gate. Between Oweynagat and Daithi's Stone we came across a large enclosure with a souterrain inside it.

Although there is much more to see at Rath Croghan it was now getting late and we decided it was time to return to Crauchan Ai for more coffee and a chat before going our separate ways.

Many thanks to all those that attended for making the day so special. I think it's Sligo for the next one.

Rath Cruachan - Rathcroghan (Co. Roscommon)Rath6 New Images
Milleen Meva - Rathcroghan (Co. Roscommon)Artificial Mound2 New Images
Misgaun Meva - Rathcroghan (Co. Roscommon)Standing Stone3 New Images
Rath Mor - Rathcroghan (Co. Roscommon)Rath7 New Images
Rath Beg - Rathcroghan (Co. Roscommon)Barrow5 New Images
Rathnadarve - Rathcroghan (Co. Roscommon)Barrow14 New Images
Oweynagat - Rathcroghan (Co. Roscommon)Cave11 New Images
Rathcroghan (Co. Roscommon)Ogham Stone1 New Image
Daithi's Stone - Rathcroghan (Co. Roscommon)Standing Stone6 New Images
Rathcroghan (Co. Roscommon)Souterrain4 New Images
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