Visits For November, 2007

Sunday, 11th November 2007

West Of Roundwood

I started the day with a list of Wicklow bullauns and rock art panels. The trek to the first site took me into the valley to the northeast of Lough Dan, along a popular walk to the Lough. What a beautiful place! I could certainly live there. The walk back to the top of the valley was eased greatly when I stopped to watch two herds of deer, each accompanied by an antlered stag grazing in the valley below. It's too late in the year for the rutt, but I'll be back here next autumn to see if I can witness the spectacle. I also spotted what I think are the remains an unrecorded kerbed cairn in the valley bottom.

From there I headed to the other side of Lough Dan to track down two panels and a bullaun stone. I only managed to find one of the panels. I didn't find the bullaun, because I entered the wrong grid ref into my GPS. Silly!

Then it was south to Drummin townland to look for some other rock art panels and bullauns. Again I managed to find one cup-marked stone.

After that I met up with Ken Williams to visit Drummin (County Wicklow) to take some side-lit shots to try and hilight the very worn markings. The motifs have faded even more since my last visit, but the side flash worked - as always it worked better for Ken than it did for me!

I left Ken taking pictures of that stone (complete with posing cat) and wandered into the next field, where I located a cup-marked stone that actually proved to be a proper rock art panel, because two of the cups have a single ring around them.

Despite not finding everything, it was a great day. I really do love that part of the country and feel lucky that it's so close to home.

Cloghoge (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone4 New Images
Cloghoge (Co. Wicklow)Cairn1 New Image
Carrigeenshinnagh (Co. Wicklow)Rock Art3 New Images
Drummin III (Co. Wicklow)Rock Art2 New Images
Drummin (Co. Wicklow)Rock Art3 New Images
Carrigeenshinnagh (Co. Wicklow)Rock Art3 New Images
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