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Sunday, 8th April 2007

Some More \'Lost\' Bullauns Rejoin The Fold

Today was one of those daye where you learn a lot, but find little. Not that I found nothing, but I did fail to find several monuments. The nice things about the ones I found is that one is not even mentioned in the Archaeological Inventory and another is mentioned, but wasn't found by the compilers.

These two monuments were bullaun stones. I also located a rath that Price described as being near to two double bullauns, but was unable to find the stones themselves. These are in Ballintombay Upper. The triple, roadside bullaun in Ballintombay Lower has definitely gone. It's possible that it is simply covered up with grass, as there are many stones lying along the roadside just under the grass.

The rock art recorded at Threewells has also gone. The farmer I spoke to knew nothing of it. However, the grid ref given for it does not match Liam Price's description of its location, but is a couple of hundred metres out. I had a mooch around where he describes it being, but found nothing.

I also went to check out whether Boleycarrigeen has been cleared yet, but it hasn't. Heading back from there I went to hunt for two more bullauns at Kilbeg and Templeboodin on the east side of the Poulaphuca Reservoir. Both of these are missing as far as I can tell, although the one at Kilbeg my be hidden in a nearby hedgerow.

You may have noticed that the promised revamp hasn't appeared yet. This is due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm afraid. The update to is now scheduled for late Tuesday afternoon. This means that the website will be unavailable for most of Tuesday evening. If you're keen to see what it looks like then check around 10pm Irish time.

St. Kevin's Cup - Meetings (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone3 New Images
Sleanaglogh (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone5 New Images
Tombeagh (Co. Carlow)Standing Stone7 New Images
Kilbeg (Co. Wicklow)Holy Well1 New Image
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