Visits For March, 2006

Sunday, 5th March 2006

Been a Long Time

The reason there has been no blog for two weeks is because two weekends ago I was in Germany visiting a friend and last weekend I was in Manchester to see Julian Cope in concert. The Manchester trip did not involve any stones, but I did get to two sites in Germany. I will add these to the Beyond Our Shores section shortly.

During the week I also added a write up of my visit to Cabeza del Plomo, a Neolithic village in Spain, to the Beyond Our Shores.

This week I went to the area around the Waterford and Kilkenny border that I refer to as Portal Tomb Central. There are around 10 portal tombs within a 15 mile radius. Unfortunately I wasn't there to visit them all, but perhaps I'll do that another day. I did make it to one I hadn't seen before though. As well as that I finally made it to Killbunny church - what a great name! - couldn't help thinking of Glen Close.

The main purpose of the trip was to revisit Leac na Scail (County Kilkenny). Recently I saw some photos of it without the mass of bushes obscurring the rear end of the monument, so I had to make the visit.

Leac na Scail - Kilmogue (Co. Kilkenny)Portal Tomb9 New Images
Owning (Co. Kilkenny)Portal Tomb4 New Images
Kilbunny (Co. Waterford)Church3 New Images
Kilbunny (Co. Waterford)Bullaun Stone3 New Images
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