Visits For November, 2007

Saturday, 3rd November 2007

Carlow Rock Art Hunt

A recent talk by Chris Corlett unleashed the presence of a lot of rock art in Carlow and Wicklow. Sadly, the exact locations of the many new stones was not given, so the hunt begins!

These short days don't really help, especially when you don't start out until after lunch. This severely limited the amount of tracking down that could be done. Thinking that I might not find any of the new stone I first went to Rathgeran Lower (County Carlow). I am so happy that I did, because the lighting was absolutely perfect!

One of the stones on the list is also in Rathgeran townland, but it's a big townland. All that was known is that it is in a field wall. I spent a good hour looking around the walls close to the above stone without luck. Eventually, after much door knocking, I found out which farm it is on. Then I managed to find the farm and the farmer was very, very helpful. I took some good pictures using the Ken Willaims side-flash method and then the batteries in both my flashes ran out. Great planning! Soon afterwards, Ken himself turned up and took some even better ones.

While Ken was taking his shots the farmer drove me to a nearby field to show me another stone he'd uncovered a few months ago. This is unlike the other rock art in the area and is a valuable addition to the stuff found within sight of Mount Leinster.

Rathgeran Lower (Co. Carlow)Rock Art5 New Images
Rathgeran Upper (Co. Carlow)Rock Art2 New Images
Rathgeran Upper (Co. Carlow)Rock Art1 New Image
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