Ancient Sites Directory

A collection of from England, Scotland and Wales. Each one is accompanied by a good write up, which includes directions and observations. Grid references are also given, although not the OS sheet number.
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Ancient Skies

This site has some stunning photos with an unashamed amount of 'Photoshopery'.

Using the most architectural of all the monuments (Portal Tombs) the creator of this site has created some beautiful images.
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Ancient Stones

A site dedicated to Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments of Britain. At the moment it concentrates on the north of England but is soon to expand. A very nicely layed out website.
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Andy Worthington

This is the website of Andy Worthington, a social historian - author of 'Stonehenge: Celebration and Subversion' and 'The Battle of the Beanfield'.
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Beyond The Pale (including Irish Genius)

The writings, poetry and megalithithic site information of Anthony Weir. As well as covering Ireland, Anthony shows sites from various European countries too. This site was (and still is) a major source of inspiration and information for me when I first started visiting Irish Sites.
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A very nicely designed website with some excellent images of British megalithic sites.
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Heritage Action

Heritage Action is a group of people (who originally got together via The Modern Antiquarian website) who are organising campaigns to save the pre-historic heritage of the UK and Ireland.

The website has details of the campaigns and how you can get involved. Their motto of "Ordinary people caring for extarordinary places" is a very apt one!
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Hunebedden of The Netherlands

A comprehensive site detailing the 54 hunebedden (wedge-tomb-like dolmens) in The Netherlands.
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Ireland's Dingle Peninsular - 6,000 Years of Histo

A very brief, but interesting page on the history of the Dingle Peninsular in County Kerry.
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Ireland's Sheela na Gigs

A fabulous new website concentrating on Ireland's Sheela-na-Gigs. This is from the site's home page and should give you an idea of where it's coming from:

"This is going to be your one stop sheela shop!

Get the latest information, maps and visuals here - all free!
And if there is not enough information on the sheela of your choice, contact me and I'll see what I can dig up for you.

Having wasted a lot of time searching for Sheela sites all over Ireland, I felt there was a gap in the market for more accurate information. For no sooner has a book been published then it is already out of date and, at the rate new sheelas are being found the only sensible way to record these figures is on the Internet.

With new housing estates cropping up all over, and even worse, the National Road system becoming a law unto itself, and quite literally getting away with - Oops! was that a Castle?, it is vitally important to record and protect these figures before Government vandalism becomes even more arrogant."

Like megalithomania there are no adverts and the site is the result of a passion and a level of caring that is beyond most.
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Ireland: Tourist Information

A free web site that deals with travel resources. Here visitors can find tourist information about Ireland, such as museums, monuments and archaeology, theatres, art galleries, photos, maps, festivals, events, entertainment, embassies and more.
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Irish Mythology

From the site home page:

"Irish Myth and Legend is made up of many stories and sagas of great adventures, love stories and fierce battles that have been handed down orally through time by the ancient peoples of Ireland. The coming of christianity brought great change to Ireland and its people at the time and enabled those ancient tales to be written down for the first time.

Irish Mythology is made up of three sections or cycles, The Mythological cycle, Ulster cycle and The Fenian cycle."

This site covers all three cycles and also has some local legend pages. A good place to spend a few hours educational browsing.
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This website has some nice photos of the more popular megalithic sites in Ireland and GB, as well as some French examples. Each sites provides a list of nearby sites, a basic desrciption and positional information.
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Megalithic Ireland

This site describes itself thus:

This web site is a rough guide to all of the megalithic sites I have visited in Ireland. I will update the site with new images and add more sites to the list as I visit them. I also have another section showing some of the High Crosses around Ireland and I will try to update these pages on a regular basis.

The site is beautifully presented and thoughtfully written and features some great photos.
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Megalithic Monuments of Ireland

This growing website covers the whole of Ireland and has some excellent pictures. Each monument is accompanied by a photo and a short description of the site. There is also an indication of whether permission is needed to access the monument. The long/Lat is listed for a lot of the sites, too. The site's only shortfall at the moment is the lack of coordinates on all the sites. In its favour, the people there do not only visit the [i]show case[/i] sites, but feature the less well-known monument, too. This site will become a great resource as it grows.
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The on site blurb says it all:

An archive of over 2500 photos of stone circles and other megalithic monuments in the British Isles and Ireland. Here you will find portal dolmens, recumbent stone circles, cup and ring carvings, long barrows, cairns, passage graves, wedge tombs, etc. Most sites have full spherical VR panoramas and infrared photography, plus ten figure map references measured on site with our GPS unit.
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Megaliths of Carnac

A site about the stone rows, standing stones, stone circles etc of the amazingly stone-packed region of Brittany called Carnac. This region has the most incredible structures and is a must visit place for any megalithomaniac.
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Megaliths of Menorca

A page with some good images of prehistoric sites in Menorca, which include some of the most stunning remains to be found anywhere. There is also a link to sites on Majorca.
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Mythical Ireland

A well produced site that details many interesting theories on astrological properties of many Irish megalithic sites. Many of these are the original work of the website author. It is well worth a good browse to see what possibilities there are.
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Newgrange and other Megalithic Tombs of Meath

A great site specialising in the megalithic passage tombs of Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Fourknocks, Loughcrew and Tara.
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Prehistoric Jersey

This site was created to provide those interested with photographs of as many of the main prehistoric sites and structures that can be identified in Jersey today.
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Pyrenean Megaliths

In the Pyrenese mountains there are many, many monuments and some of them are detailed on these pages. This area of France seems to be little publicised in the megalithic field, which after seeing some of the monuments there, is a real shame. Or is it? At least if you go looking for these then you are quite likely to get to see an unspoilt site.
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Rock-Art in Wales - The website of the Welsh Rock-

A site that does exactly what it says on the tin - lists all Welsh rock-art. Sadly it does not have a visual catalog (that I can see a link to), but I assume the site will grow.
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Sacred Ireland

"A collection of ancient megalithic sites, mythology, art and astronomy, with some virtual tours, by artist and researcher Martin Byrne." Although this site covers many sites it is especially informative on the main Sligo sites, covering them in more detail than I am able to.

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Save Tara / Skyrne Valley Campaign Home Page

The web site of those trying to stop the Tara/Skyrne Valley from being ruined by the Irish Government's plans to build a motorway through it. The planned route will destroy at least 25 known archaeological sites and includes a 26 acre floodlit interchange just one kilometre from the Hill of Tara.

More sensitive and suitable routes were proposed, but rejected! One can only begin to imagine why! Please help support the fight to get the route of the motorway changed by joining their letter campaign and signing the petitions.
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Searchable Database of Irish Excavation Reports

This database contains summary accounts of all the excavations carried out in Ireland - North and South - from 1985 to 2000. It has been compiled from the published Excavations Bulletins from those years, with a similar format. The Excavations Bulletin was started by Tom Delaney in the early 1970s, and was revived by Claire Cotter in 1985.


The reports are not comprehensive 'final' reports, but they do offer some good information as to what was found.
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Shadows And Stone - The photos of Ken Williams

Ken Williams is a great photographer and recently he has taken to focusing (forgive the pun) on megalithic monuments. He has a lot more patience for me and a greater appetite for great photos and his website has some fantastic nighttime images of monuments under star-studded skies.
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Stone Monuments Stone Decay Study 2000

The online version of the Stone Monuments Decay study undertaken in 2000 by the Heritage Council, which took a sample of Irish monuments and studied their condition.
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This lovely web site covers monuments from all over Europe and is the "oldest" guide (online since February 1996) to European megalithic monuments. Each site featured is well photographed and described.
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The Ball List

"A History of the County Dublin" by By Francis Elrington Ball. Six volumes of wonderful information.
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The Dolmen Path

Some remarkable monuments from Caucasia. An area I've simply got to go to after seeing these. Fantastic!
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The Megalithic Portal

The Megalithic Portal is contributory site covering megalithic and ancient monuments from all over. Here you can upload your own pictures and notes to add to the database for others to see and benefit from.
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The Megalithic Temples of Malta

Malta is home to some of the most incredible megalithic temples there is to see. This website covers them in a comprehensive manner, with good information and maps.

If you're planning a trip to Malta then I wholeheartedly recommend consulting this site before you go.
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The Megalithic World (Russia)

I have only linked to the photo pages of this site, because the rest of it is in Russian. The dolmens of Russia are simply amazing and seem to follow a complete uniformity that verges on the obsessive.
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The Modern Antiquarian

The Modern Antiquarian is a web site that has evolved around the book by Juilan Cope that explores the megalithic sites of the UK, which quickly becoming on of the greatest repositories of information and images. Ireland has now been added to this gazetteer on the web. What makes TMA special is the many diverse and enthusiastic people who contribute to the contents.
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The paintings of Jane Tomlinson

A while ago I had the pleasure of taking Jane around some of the Dublin sites. From sketches made on this visit she painted an exquisite painting of Glendruid and produced a limited set of prints too.

she paints many subjects, but to me her paintings of megalithic sites (mainly British) are truly delightful. Each one seems to capture the spirit of the subject and shows her empathy with these magical places.

Pay her website a visit and browse her portfolio, I'm sure that you will agree with me that she has an eye for stones.
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The Photographs of Ken Williams

Ken Williams takes a beautiful photograph. A selection of his work can be seen on his website, which includes portraits, landscapes and more recently ancient monuments.
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The Standing Stone

The Standing Stone features information, pictures and discussion about historical sites in Ireland with a focus on the midland region. Ranging from megalithic tombs to 17th century fortified houses you will find a variety of interesting places. Here you will see an Ireland that you will not find in the guide books. Most sites covered here are largely unknown and largely off-road! I cover only places that I have personally visited and therefore can give detailed information about the difficulty of seeing a particular site and things to be aware of. I hope you enjoy this site and please feel free to leave comments and feel free to contact me with any questions and suggestions.
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