Frequently Asked Questions

Is this website really the work of one person?

Yes and no. All the notes and images are mine (except for the old images, obviously), but I couldn't do it without all the other people in Ireland who travel around the country looking at its monuments. I owe a lot to the authors of books on the subject, too.

Can I contribute to the megalithomania?

I'm afraid I only place my own images and notes on megalithomania. However, I always appreciate information about sites that don't appear here yet, or further information about sites I have already been to. We now have forums where you can discuss sites with others.

There's a monument near me. Why isn't it on megalithomania?

Ireland has over 25,000 monuments. It will take me some time to get around them all. Please do tell me about any monuments you know of and I'll add them to my list..

Can I have a list of GPS waypoints?

A Googleearth overlay file of sites is available and this could easily be converted.

There is also a new facility on megalithomania allowing you to mark a list of monuments and produce a Sat Nav POI file.

Are you mad?

According to some people, yes.

Why do you have more sites in some counties than in others?

The balance of sites on megalithomania is fairly representative. The midland counties are quite sparcely populated. There are many more sites in this region than appear on megalithomania and I'll try and get around them as time goes by.

Which book are you writing now?

There are several books underway. I have already started work on the next title - Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Mayo. At present I am also working on a couple of smaller books that cover specific monument types.

Which is your favourite monument?

That's impossible to say. I have a few that I'm very fond of, but the list changes. If I was pushed to name some of them I would probably have to include Glendruid (County Dublin), Calliagh Berra's House (County Armagh), Harristown (County Waterford), Glassamucky Mountain (County Dublin) and Reanascreena (County Cork).

Where can I buy OS maps?

Ordnance Survey maps are available from many sources. Large bookshops, outdoor/camping shops stock them. They are also available online directly from the OSI.

Can I just visit any monument?

No. Most monuments are on private land. They are all protected by law, but the majority are not owned by the State. If a site isn't signposted then you should seek permission to visit a site. This isn't always possible, however. One thing to bear in mind - if you do enter private land without permission then you are entering the land at your own risk.

If you won't display my photo where can I show them?

You can now join our forums and add images to personalised photo galleries. Use the forum link at the top of the page.

I'm visiting Ireland soon, can you give me an itinery of sites to visit?

To be honest, as much as I'd love to do so, I can't plan people's trips and visits for them. I will try my best to provide any information and help that I can, but I am a very busy person.

Do you do guided tours?

Occasionally I do take people around sites. These tend to be friends and family, but I have taken other people. I don't have a lot of time to do this at the moment, though.

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