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Abbeylara (County Longford)Abbeyquarter North - Sligo (County Sligo)
Agerviller (County Kilkenny)Aghacaribble (County Kerry)
Aghade (County Carlow)Aghaderg (County Down)
Aghaderrard (County Leitrim)Aghaderrard East (County Leitrim)
Aghadoe (County Kerry)Aghagashlan (County Cavan)
Aghagogan (County Tyrone)Aghagower (County Mayo)
Aghamore (County Leitrim)Aghanlish (County Leitrim)
Aghascrebagh (County Tyrone)Aghavas (County Leitrim)
Aghawee (County Cavan)Aghilla (County Cork)
Aghmakane (County Armagh)Aghnacliff (County Longford)
Aghnaglack (County Fermanagh)Aghnaskeagh (County Louth)
Aghnaveloge (County Cork)Aghoo (County Leitrim)
Aghowle Lower (County Wicklow)Ahaglaslin (County Cork)
Ahaun (County Waterford)Ahenny (County Tipperary)
Aill na Mireann (The Catstone) - Hill Of Uisneach (County Westmeath)Aillemore (County Mayo)
Aldoo (County Antrim)Ally (County Tyrone)
Altar (County Cork)Altdrumman (County Tyrone)
Altoir Ultach - Ballycroum (County Clare)Altore (County Roscommon)
An Seisear - Beenalaght (County Cork)Anatrim (County Laois)
Anchorite's Cell - Fore (County Westmeath)Annacarney (County Wicklow)
Annadorn (County Down)Annagh Upper (County Leitrim)
Annaghmare (County Armagh)Annaghmore (County Leitrim)
Annaghmore Glebe (County Fermanagh)Annagleve - Anngleve (County Monaghan)
Antrim (County Antrim)Antynanum (County Antrim)
Arboe (County Tyrone)Ardabrone (County Sligo)
Ardataggle (County Clare)Ardattin (County Wexford)
Arderawinny (County Cork)Ardgroom Outward (County Cork)
Ardloy (County Sligo)Ardmore (County Donegal)
Ardmore - Ogham Stones (County Waterford)Ardmullen (County Roscommon)
Ardrahan (County Galway)Ardristan (County Carlow)
Ardristan 2 (County Carlow)Ards Beg (County Donegal)
Ardscull Motte (County Kildare)Arduagh (County Fermanagh)
Armoy (County Antrim)Arnyara (County Sligo)
Ashley Park (County Tipperary)Ashtown (County Waterford)
Atateemore (County Kilkenny)Athdown (County Wicklow)
Athenree (County Tyrone)Athgoe Hill (County Dublin)
Athgreany (County Wicklow)Athgreany Cairns - Valley floor by Athgreany Circle (County Wicklow)
Audleystown (County Down)Aughadanove (County Armagh)
Aughavanlomaun (County Cork)Aughlish (County Derry)
Aughnagurgan (County Monaghan)Aughnamaulmeen (County Wexford)
Aughrim - The Slieve Russell Hotel (County Cavan)


Bahana (County Wicklow)Baile Chaislean na nGeochagan (Castletown) - Castletown (County Westmeath)
Baile na dTri Chaislean - Threecastles (County Wicklow)Bal of Dookinelly (County Mayo)
Balgeeth (County Meath)Balgriffin - Balfriffin (County Dublin)
Balla (County Mayo)Ballaghaglash (County Clare)
Ballaghfarna (County Mayo)Ballaghmore (County Laois)
Ballanaghanea (County Cavan)Ballinacarrig (County Wexford)
Ballinaclogh South (County Waterford)Ballinadysert (County Waterford)
Ballinascorney Upper (County Dublin)Ballinclare (County Wexford)
Ballinderry (County Galway)Ballindoon (County Sligo)
Ballindud (County Waterford)Ballingary (County Waterford)
Ballinillaun (County Mayo)Ballinkillin (County Carlow)
Ballinlough (County Tipperary)Ballintaggart (County Kerry)
Ballintombay Upper I (County Wicklow)Ballintombay Upper II (County Wicklow)
Ballintrane (County Carlow)Ballintruer Long Stone (County Wicklow)
Ballinvalley (County Meath)Ballyaghagan (County Antrim)
Ballyalbaanagh (County Antrim)Ballyalton (County Down)
Ballyard (County Tipperary)Ballybeen (County Down)
Ballybeg (County Mayo)Ballybetagh (County Dublin)
Ballyboher (County Wexford)Ballybrack (County Donegal)
Ballybriest (County Derry)Ballybrittas (County Wexford)
Ballyburly (County Offaly)Ballycasheen (County Clare)
Ballycleagh (County Antrim)Ballycloghduff (County Westmeath)
Ballycook (County Carlow)Ballycoos (County Antrim)
Ballycraig (County Antrim)Ballycroum (County Clare)
Ballyedmonduff (County Dublin)Ballyellin And Tomdarrach (County Carlow)
Ballyfinboy Castle (County Tipperary)Ballyfolan (County Wicklow)
Ballyfoyle (County Wicklow)Ballygahan Upper (County Wicklow)
Ballyganner North (County Clare)Ballyganner South (County Clare)
Ballygawn (County Antrim)Ballygilbert (County Antrim)
Ballyglass (County Mayo)Ballygowan (County Antrim)
Ballygraffan (County Down)Ballygroll (County Derry)
Ballygroll 1 (County Derry)Ballygroll 16 (County Derry)
Ballygroll 7 (County Derry)Ballygroll 8 (County Derry)
Ballygroll 9 (County Derry)Ballygroll Prehistoric Complex (County Derry)
Ballygunnertemple (County Waterford)Ballyhacket Lower (County Carlow)
Ballyhad Upper (County Wicklow)Ballyhalbert (County Down)
Ballyhalwick (County Cork)Ballyhenebery (County Kilkenny)
Ballyhickey (County Clare)Ballyholly (County Derry)
Ballyhussa (County Waterford)Ballykeel (County Armagh)
Ballyknock (east) (County Mayo)Ballyknock (west) (County Mayo)
Ballylig (County Antrim)Ballyloughlan (County Carlow)
Ballylowra or Ballydowan (County Kilkenny)Ballylumford (County Antrim)
Ballymacdermot (County Armagh)Ballymacgibbon (County Mayo)
Ballymaconna (County Clare)Ballymagaraghy (County Donegal)
Ballymaice - Knockanvinidee Hill (County Dublin)Ballymakellett (County Louth)
Ballymarlagh (County Antrim)Ballymoney (County Derry)
Ballymoon (County Carlow)Ballymore Eustace West (County Kildare)
Ballymore Lower (County Donegal)Ballymote - Ballymoat (County Waterford)
Ballymount Park - Kingswood (County Dublin)Ballymunterhiggin (County Donegal)
Ballynaberny (County Wexford)Ballynabrocky (County Wicklow)
Ballynacarriga (County Cork)Ballynacloghy (County Galway)
Ballynageeragh (County Waterford)Ballynagerragh (County Carlow)
Ballynagloch - Ballynaglogh (County Antrim)Ballynahatty (County Down)
Ballynahow Beg (County Kerry)Ballynahown (County Cork)
Ballynamona Lower (County Waterford)Ballynarry (County Antrim)
Ballynastaig (County Galway)Ballynavortha (County Carlow)
Ballynichol (County Down)Ballynoe (County Carlow)
Ballynunnery (County Carlow)Ballyquin (County Waterford)
Ballyremon Commons (County Wicklow)Ballyrenan (County Tyrone)
Ballyshannon (County Kildare)Ballystokes (County Down)
Ballytory (County Wexford)Ballyutoag (County Antrim)
Ballyvackey (County Cork)Ballyvatheen (County Kilkenny)
Ballyvennaght (County Antrim)Ballyvourney (County Cork)
Ballyvoy (County Antrim)Ballyward (County Wicklow)
Balnogan Upper (County Meath)Balrath North (County Westmeath)
Balrothery (County Dublin)Baltinglass (County Wicklow)
Baltinglass Abbey (County Wicklow)Baltinglass Hill (County Wicklow)
Baltracey (County Kildare)Baltray (County Louth)
Baltynanima - Near Roundwood (County Wicklow)Banagher (County Derry)
Banoge (County Wexford)Banshee Stone - Ballinasilloge (County Carlow)
Barmoney (County Wexford)Barnadivane (County Cork)
Barnaslingan (County Dublin)Barnaveddoge (County Louth)
Barnes Lower (County Donegal)Barnmeen (County Down)
Barracashlaun (County Leitrim)Barroe (County Sligo)
Barrow - Hill Of Tara (County Meath)Bartragh Island (County Mayo)
Baur North (County Clare)Baur South (County Clare)
Bauraglanna (County Tipperary)Baurnadomeeny (County Tipperary)
Bawnfree Hill - Knockoliver (County Kilkenny)Beaghmore (County Tyrone)
Beakan's Cell - Toureen Peacaun (County Tipperary)Bealin (County Westmeath)
Behy (County Mayo)Belderg (County Mayo)
Belgard Deer Park (County Dublin)Bellmount Upper - East (County Cork)
Bellmount Upper - West (County Cork)Beltany Tops (County Donegal)
Ben Of Howth - Blackheath (County Dublin)Berneens (County Clare)
Binn (County Donegal)Binroe (County Donegal)
Birrinagh (County Longford)Bishop's Lane - Kiltiernan (County Dublin)
Blackheath - Ben Of Howth (County Dublin)Blacklion (County Carlow)
Blakestown Upper (County Wicklow)Boa Island Figures (County Fermanagh)
Bobsville (County Meath)Bocan (County Donegal)
Bohateh North (County Clare)Boherboy (County Waterford)
Boherlea (County Meath)Boho (County Fermanagh)
Bohonagh (County Cork)Bolany (County Wexford)
Bolart North (County Offaly)Boleycarrigeen (County Wicklow)
Bolin Island - Lough Gur (County Limerick)Breagho (County Fermanagh)
Breastagh (County Mayo)Breen (County Antrim)
Breeny More (County Cork)Brehon's Chair - Taylorsgrange (County Dublin)
Bremore (County Dublin)Brennanstown (County Dublin)
Brian Boru's Fort (County Clare)Brittas (County Wicklow)
Brittas II (County Wicklow)Brittas III (County Wicklow)
Brittas IV (County Wicklow)Broadleas - Near Silver Hill (County Kildare)
Brockagh (Glendalough b) (County Wicklow)Brockagh (Glendalough c) (County Wicklow)
Brockagh (Glendalough d) (County Wicklow)Brockagh (Glendalough e) (County Wicklow)
Brockagh (Glendalough m) (County Wicklow)Broomfields (County Wicklow)
Broughanlea (County Antrim)Broughderg (County Tyrone)
Browndod (County Antrim)Browne's Hill - Kernanstown (County Carlow)
Brusselstown Ring - Spinans Hill (County Wicklow)Buncarrick - Buncarrick Cemetery (County Wexford)
Bunnafinglas (County Mayo)Burgage (County Wicklow)
Burren (County Cavan)Burren SW (County Cavan)
Busherstown (County Carlow)Bweeng (County Cork)


Cabragh (County Sligo)Cabry (County Donegal)
Caheravart (County Cork)Caherballykinvarga (County Clare)
Cahercommaun (County Clare)Caherconnell (County Clare)
Caherdoon (County Clare)Cahergal - Kimego West (County Kerry)
Caherkeegane (County Cork)Caherlehillan (County Kerry)
Caherlehillan  (County Kerry)Cahermackirilla (County Clare)
Cahermacnaghten (County Clare)Caherphuca (County Clare)
Cairn D - Loughcrew (County Meath)Cairn F - Loughcrew (County Meath)
Cairn H - Loughcrew (County Meath)Cairn I - Loughcrew (County Meath)
Cairn L - Loughcrew (County Meath)Cairn N - Corstown (County Meath)
Cairn R1 - Corstown (County Meath)Cairn R2 - Corstown (County Meath)
Cairn S - Corstown (County Meath)Cairn T - Corstown (County Meath)
Cairn U - Corstown (County Meath)Cairn V - Corstown (County Meath)
Cairn W - Corstown (County Meath)Cairn X1 - Patrickstown Hill (County Meath)
Cairn X2 - Patrickstown Hill (County Meath)Cairn X3 - Patrickstown Hill (County Meath)
Cairn Y - Patrickstown Hill (County Meath)Cairns P1, P2, Q - Corstown (County Meath)
Calliagh (County Monaghan)Calliagh Berra's House - Slieve Gullion (County Armagh)
Caltragh (County Sligo)Calvary - Cuilbeg (County Sligo)
Cander's Walls - Ballygowan (County Antrim)Cappaghbeha Mountain (County Clare)
Cappaghkennedy (County Clare)Carbad Mor (County Mayo)
Cargan (County Antrim)Carn (County Monaghan)
Carn-na-Truagh - Tavnaghboy (County Antrim)Carnagat - Ballywholan (County Tyrone)
Carnaghan (County Donegal)Carnanbane - Ballybriest (County Derry)
Carnanmore (County Antrim)Carnavane Well - Ballinvally (County Carlow)
Carnaweelaun - Carnaweeleen (County Sligo)Carnbane (County Monaghan)
Carncome (County Antrim)Carncorran Glebe (County Tyrone)
Carndonagh (County Donegal)Carndoo - Ballyboley (County Antrim)
Carnfadrig - Ballywholan (County Tyrone)Carpenterstown (County Westmeath)
Carrickacroy (County Cavan)Carrickavrantry (County Waterford)
Carrickgollogan - Near Enniskerry (County Dublin)Carricknamoghil (County Donegal)
Carrig (County Wicklow)Carrigagrenane NE (County Cork)
Carrigagulla (County Cork)Carrigeen (County Waterford)
Carrigeenduff (County Wicklow)Carrigeenshinnagh (County Wicklow)
Carriglong (County Waterford)Carrowcrom (County Mayo)
Carrowkeel (County Sligo)Carrowkeel - Cairn B (County Sligo)
Carrowkeel - Cairn C (County Sligo)Carrowkeel - Cairn D (County Sligo)
Carrowkeel - Cairn E (County Sligo)Carrowkeel - Cairn F (County Sligo)
Carrowkeel - Cairn G (County Sligo)Carrowkeel - Cairn H (County Sligo)
Carrowkeel - Cairn K (County Sligo)Carrowkeel - Cairn L (County Sligo)
Carrowkeel - Cairn M (County Sligo)Carrowkeel - Rocking Stone (County Sligo)
Carrowkilleen (County Mayo)Carrowleagh (County Mayo)
Carrowmore (County Donegal)Carrowmore Tomb 1 (County Sligo)
Carrowmore Tomb 13 (County Sligo)Carrowmore Tomb 19 (County Sligo)
Carrowmore Tomb 2 (County Sligo)Carrowmore Tomb 26 (County Sligo)
Carrowmore Tomb 27 (County Sligo)Carrowmore Tomb 36 (County Sligo)
Carrowmore Tomb 37 (County Sligo)Carrowmore Tomb 38 (County Sligo)
Carrowmore Tomb 4 (County Sligo)Carrowmore Tomb 48 (County Sligo)
Carrowmore Tomb 49 (County Sligo)Carrowmore Tomb 5 (County Sligo)
Carrowmore Tomb 52 (County Sligo)Carrowmore Tomb 52a (County Sligo)
Carrowmore Tomb 53 (County Sligo)Carrowmore Tomb 55 (County Sligo)
Carrowmore Tomb 56 (County Sligo)Carrowmore Tomb 57 (County Sligo)
Carrowmore Tomb 58 & 59 (County Sligo)Carrowmore Tomb 7 (County Sligo)
Carrowmurray (County Sligo)Carrownacaw (County Down)
Carrownaganonagh (County Donegal)Carrownalurgan (County Mayo)
Carrownlacka (County Mayo)Carrowntarriff (County Roscommon)
Carrowreagh (County Laois)Carrowroe (County Galway)
Carrowsteelagh (County Mayo)Carrowtrasna (County Mayo)
Cartonperagh (County Roscommon)Cartronbane (County Longford)
Cashel (County Mayo)Cashelbane Cairn - Loughash (County Tyrone)
Cashelkeelty (County Kerry)Cashelkeelty 1 (County Kerry)
Cashelkeelty 2 (County Kerry)Casheltown (County Donegal)
Cassidy (County Fermanagh)Castledermot (County Kildare)
Castlehill 1 (County Mayo)Castlehill 2 (County Mayo)
Castlekieran (County Meath)Castlelanaght (County Cork)
Castlelost West (County Westmeath)Castlemervin (County Tyrone)
Castlereagh (County Waterford)Castleruddery (County Wicklow)
Castleruddery Lower (County Wicklow)Castlestrange (County Roscommon)
Castletimon (County Wicklow)Castletown (County Offaly)
Castletown (E) (County Mayo)Castletown (W) (County Mayo)
Caucestown (County Meath)Ceide Fields (County Mayo)
Chapeltown (County Down)Church Mountain - Slieve Gad (County Wicklow)
Churchclara (County Kilkenny)Churchtown (County Down)
Circle K - Knockadoon (County Limerick)Circles A + B - Knockaddon (County Limerick)
City of Shrone - Shrone Beg (County Kerry)Claggan (County Mayo)
Clane (County Kildare)Clarkville (County Offaly)
Clash (County Cork)Clashmaguire (County Cork)
Clearagh (County Cork)Cleenrah or Cleenrath - Aghnacliff (County Longford)
Cleggan (County Galway)Clegnagh (County Antrim)
Cleighran More (County Leitrim)Clermont Cairn - Black Mountain (County Louth)
Cloch An Phoill - Aghade (County Carlow)Clochstuckagh - Moyvoughley (County Westmeath)
Clodagh (County Cork)Clogh (County Longford)
Clogh Padraig - Lankill (County Mayo)Cloghadda - Gurteen Upper (County Waterford)
Cloghafadd - Tervillin (County Antrim)Cloghan Castle (County Roscommon)
Cloghanmore - Malin More (County Donegal)Cloghany (County Fermanagh)
Cloghaphooka - Lackafin (County Monaghan)Cloghboley (County Sligo)
Cloghchurnel (County Longford)Cloghcor (County Sligo)
Clogher (County Clare)Clogherny (County Tyrone)
Cloghfin (County Tyrone)Cloghin (County Tyrone)
Cloghoge (County Wicklow)Cloghroe (County Donegal)
Cloghs (County Antrim)Cloghtogle (County Fermanagh)
Clonasillagh (County Meath)Clonbeg Glebe (County Donegal)
Clonca (County Donegal)Cloncanon (County Offaly)
Clondalkin (County Dublin)Clone (County Wexford)
Clonenagh (County Laois)Clones (County Monaghan)
Clonfert Cathedral (County Galway)Clonfertmulloe (County Laois)
Clonfinlough (County Offaly)Clongeen (County Wexford)
Clonkeen (County Roscommon)Clonlum (County Armagh)
Clonlum South (County Armagh)Clonmacnoise (County Offaly)
Clonmacnoise - Crosses (County Offaly)Clonmore (County Carlow)
Clontygora (County Armagh)Cloonburren (County Roscommon)
Clooncoe (County Leitrim)Clooncous (County Mayo)
Cloone (County Leitrim)Clooney (County Clare)
Cloonkeeghan Commons (County Mayo)Cloonlaur (County Mayo)
Cloonmorris (County Leitrim)Cloonyconry More (County Clare)
Cloughananca - Ballyvennaght (County Antrim)Clover Hill (County Sligo)
Cloyne (County Cork)Cnocan an lolair - Knockananiller Hill (County Dublin)
Coan (County Wicklow)Cohaw (County Cavan)
Colaiste Ide - Burnham (County Kerry)Collinward (County Antrim)
Colvinstown (County Wicklow)Commons (County Louth)
Commons East (County Galway)Commons North (County Clare)
Commons Of LLoyd - Near Kells (County Meath)Cong (County Mayo)
Cong 2 - Glebe (County Mayo)Cong 3 - Glebe (County Mayo)
Cong 4 - Glebe (County Mayo)Conor's Island I (County Sligo)
Conor's Island II (County Sligo)Conray (County Leitrim)
Conwal (County Donegal)Coolasnaghta (County Carlow)
Coolbeg (County Sligo)Coolbuck (County Fermanagh)
Coollagagh (County Mayo)Coolnasmearmountain (County Waterford)
Coolnatullagh (County Clare)Cools (County Cork)
Coolycasey (County Clare)Corderry (County Tipperary)
Corduff South (County Leitrim)Corlea Ancient Trackway (County Longford)
Corlealackagh (County Monaghan)Corleanamaddy (County Monaghan)
Cormac's Chapel - Rock Of Cashel (County Tipperary)Cormac's House - Hill Of Tara (County Meath)
Corn Hill (County Longford)Cornaclery (County Derry)
Cornacully (County Fermanagh)Cornageeha (County Roscommon)
Corracloona (County Leitrim)Corraneary Lough (County Cavan)
Corstown (County Meath)Cortial (County Louth)
Corvally (County Antrim)Cotts (County Wexford)
Coumaraglin NW (County Waterford)Coumaraglin NW - North Cairn (County Waterford)
Coumaraglin NW - South Cairn (County Waterford)Coumaraglin NW - Standing Stones (County Waterford)
Coumaraglin SE (County Waterford)Coumaraglin SE - Cairns (County Waterford)
Coumaraglin SE - Henge (County Waterford)Coumeraglin (County Waterford)
Coumeraglinmountain (County Waterford)Coumroe (County Tipperary)
Court Abbey Cemetery (County Sligo)Coves Brook - Carnew (County Wicklow)
Craans (County Carlow)Craddockstown West - Oppostie Punchestown Race Course (County Kildare)
Craigarogan (County Antrim)Craigs (County Antrim)
Craigs Lower (County Antrim)Craigs Upper (County Antrim)
Craigywarren (County Antrim)Crannagh (County Carlow)
Crannagh 2 (County Carlow)Craughaun Cemetery - Billinphunta (County Clare)
Creenagh (North) (County Leitrim)Creenagh (South) (County Leitrim)
Creevagh (County Mayo)Creevaghbaun (County Galway)
Creevy Lower (County Longford)Creevykeel (County Sligo)
Cregdotia (County Galway)Cregg (County Derry)
Cregganconroe (County Tyrone)Creggandevesky (County Tyrone)
Crehanagh South (County Waterford)Crehelp (County Wicklow)
Crevolea (County Derry)Croagh (County Waterford)
Croaghan (County Monaghan)Croaghaun Mountain - Glen (County Sligo)
Croaghbeg (County Donegal)Crobane (County Down)
Crockanore (County Antrim)Croghan Middle (County Wexford)
Crohaun (County Waterford)Cromwell (County Limerick)
Cromwells Stone - Sheepwalk (County Wicklow)Crookan Cairn - Knockanvinidee (County Dublin)
Crosh (County Tyrone)Cross (County Antrim)
Crowagh (County Sligo)Cruicetown (County Meath)
Cuchulain's Stone - Rathiddy (County Louth)Cullahill (County Laois)
Cullenagh (County Cork)Cullomane (County Cork)
Cumber (County Derry)Cummeen (County Sligo)
Cunard (County Dublin)Cureeny Commons (County Tipperary)
Currabeha - North (County Cork)Currabeha - South (County Cork)
Curraun (County Wexford)Cusackstown (County Meath)
Cushendun Caravan Park (County Antrim)Cutteen North (County Waterford)
Cutteen South (County Waterford)


Daithi's Stone - Rathcroghan (County Roscommon)Dalkey (County Dublin)
Dalkey Hill (County Dublin)Dalkey Island (County Dublin)
Dalystown (County Longford)Dargan (County Sligo)
Darrynane Beg (County Kerry)Delgany (County Wicklow)
Derrainy (County Clare)Derreenataggart West (County Cork)
Derreeny (County Kerry)Derryarkane (County Cork)
Derrycassan (County Cavan)Derrynablaha (County Kerry)
Derrynablaha 11 (County Kerry)Derrynablaha 13 (County Kerry)
Derrynablaha 15 (County Kerry)Derrynablaha 16 (County Kerry)
Derrynablaha 4 (County Kerry)Derrynablaha 5 (County Kerry)
Derrynablaha 6 (County Kerry)Derrynablaha 7 (County Kerry)
Derrynablaha A (County Kerry)Derrynablaha B (County Kerry)
Derrynafinchin (County Cork)Derrynavahagh (County Clare)
Derryragh (County Cavan)Devenish (County Fermanagh)
Dingle (County Kerry)Doaghfeighin - Fore (County Westmeath)
Dog Little (County Fermanagh)Dolmen of the Four Maols - Ballina (County Mayo)
Donagh (County Monaghan)Donaghmore (County Louth)
Donard (County Wicklow)Dooey's Cairn - Ballymacaldrack (County Antrim)
Doogort West (County Mayo)Doon Castle (County Offaly)
Doon Well (County Donegal)Doonane (County Tipperary)
Dooncarton (County Mayo)Doonfeeny (County Mayo)
Doonmanagh (County Kerry)Downpatrick (County Down)
Downpatrick Head I (County Mayo)Downpatrick Head II (County Mayo)
Dowth (County Meath)Drakestown (County Meath)
Drannagh (County Carlow)Dringeen Oughter (County Mayo)
Dromagorteen (County Kerry)Dromatouk (County Kerry)
Drombeg (County Cork)Drombeg - Cooking Place (County Cork)
Drombeg - Hut Site (County Cork)Drombohilly (County Kerry)
Dromcliff (County Clare)Dromfeagh (County Cork)
Dromiskin (County Louth)Dromore (County Antrim)
Dromroe (County Kerry)Drumanone (County Roscommon)
Drumany (County Leitrim)Drumbo (County Down)
Drumcarbit (County Donegal)Drumcliff (County Sligo)
Drumcollagh (County Mayo)Drumcooly Hill (County Offaly)
Drumeague (County Cavan)Drumena (County Down)
Drumgill Lower (County Meath)Drumgonnelly (County Louth)
Drumgormly (County Fermanagh)Drumguillew Lower - Drumguillew lower (County Monaghan)
Drumhallagh (County Donegal)Drumhallagh Upper (County Donegal)
Drumhawnagh (County Cavan)Drumirril (County Monaghan)
Drumlane - Drumlane Abbey (County Cavan)Drumlohan Ogham Stones (County Waterford)
Drumloughan (County Leitrim)Drummin (County Wicklow)
Drummin I (County Wicklow)Drummin II (County Wicklow)
Drummin III (County Wicklow)Drumnart (County Monaghan)
Drumnigh (County Dublin)Drumsinnot (County Louth)
Drumskinny (County Fermanagh)Dublin Zoological Gardens (County Dublin)
Duiske Abbey (County Kilkenny)Dullaghan (County Tyrone)
Dun (County Dublin)Dun Aengus - Inishmore (County Galway)
Dun Ailinne - Knockallin (County Kildare)Dun Dealgan or Cuchullain's Mount - Castletown (County Louth)
Dun Ruadh (County Tyrone)Dunbeacon (County Cork)
Duncarbit (County Antrim)Dunhill (County Dublin)
Dunmanus (County Cork)Dunmaurice (County Monaghan)
Dunnamaggan (County Kilkenny)Dunnamore (County Tyrone)
Dunsany (County Meath)Dunteige (County Antrim)
Duntryleague (County Limerick)Durrow (County Offaly)
Durrow - Cross Slabs (County Offaly)Dyrick (County Waterford)
Dysart Church - Commeen (County Roscommon)Dysert (County Clare)


Eamhain Mhaca - Navan Fort (County Armagh)Eanty More (County Clare)
Echo Gate - Trim (County Westmeath)Edengora (County Meath)
Edenmore (County Down)Eightercua (County Kerry)
Emlagh (County Roscommon)Enagh Beg (County Mayo)
Entrance To Tir Na Nog - Knockadoon (County Limerick)Errarooey Beg (County Donegal)
Ervey (County Meath)Eshwary (County Armagh)
Eskaheen (County Donegal)Eskerbawn (County Roscommon)


Fahan (County Donegal)Fairy Castle - Two Rocks Mountain (County Dublin)
Fananierin (County Wicklow)Fanygalvan (County Clare)
Farnoge (County Kilkenny)Farranmacbride (County Donegal)
Farrannahineen (County Cork)Fassaroe (County Wicklow)
Faughart (County Louth)Faughart Lower (County Louth)
Feaghna (County Kerry)Fenagh (County Leitrim)
Fenagh Beg (County Leitrim)Fence (County Wexford)
Ferns (County Wexford)Ferns Abbey - FERNS (County Wexford)
Fethard Abbey (County Tipperary)Fethard Wall (County Tipperary)
Fieldstown (County Louth)Finn McCool And His Wife - Keadeen (County Wicklow)
Finn McCools Fingers - Shantemon (County Cavan)Foilnamuck (County Tipperary)
Foilycleara (County Tipperary)Fore Abbey (County Westmeath)
Fore Abbey - Dovecote (County Westmeath)Fore Cross (County Westmeath)
Fore School Cross (County Westmeath)Forenaghts Great (County Kildare)
Fourknocks (County Meath)Foyran (County Westmeath)
Fuerty (County Roscommon)


Gallarus (County Kerry)Gallarus Oratory (County Kerry)
Gallen Priory (County Offaly)Galloon (County Fermanagh)
Garran (County Monaghan)Garrane (County Cork)
Garranereagh (County Cork)Garranmillon Lower (County Waterford)
Garry Castle (County Offaly)Garryduff (County Kilkenny)
Garryglass (County Cork)Gartan (County Donegal)
Gartnanoul (County Cavan)Garvagh (County Cavan)
Gaulstown (County Waterford)Giant's Leap - Burren (County Cavan)
Gigmagog's Grave - Beardiville (County Antrim)Glanbrack (County Cork)
Glangevlin (County Cavan)Glantane East (County Cork)
Glantane East NE (County Cork)Glashananinnaun (County Cork)
Glaskenny (County Wicklow)Glasmullagh (County Tyrone)
Glasnamullen (County Wicklow)Glassamucky Brakes (County Dublin)
Glassamucky Mountain (County Dublin)Glenaraneen (County Dublin)
Glencloghrea (County Kilkenny)Glencolmcille - station 1 - Straid (County Donegal)
Glencolmcille - station 12 - Drumroe (County Donegal)Glencolmcille - station 13 - Gannew and Curreen (County Donegal)
Glencolmcille - station 15 - Straid (County Donegal)Glencolmcille - station 2 - Straid (County Donegal)
Glencolmcille - station 9 - Farranmacbride (County Donegal)Glencolumbkille - Gleanncholmcille (County Donegal)
Glencullen - Near Johnny Fox's Pub (County Dublin)Glendalough (County Wicklow)
Glendalough (f) - Sevenchurches or Camaderry (County Wicklow)Glendalough Cathedral - Sevenchurches or Camaderry (County Wicklow)
Glendalough Cross - Sevenchurches or Camaderry (County Wicklow)Glendalough Gateway - Sevenchurches or Camaderry (County Wicklow)
Glendasan River (Glendalough g) (County Wicklow)Glendasan River (Glendalough h) (County Wicklow)
Glendasan River (Glendalough i) (County Wicklow)Glendasan River (Glendalough p) (County Wicklow)
Glendruid - Brennanstown (County Dublin)Gleninsheen (County Clare)
Glenknock (County Tyrone)Glenmakeerin (County Antrim)
Glennafallia (County Waterford)Glenroan (County Tyrone)
Glenulra (County Mayo)Glenwanish (County Clare)
Glenwilliam (County Waterford)Goakstown (County Antrim)
Gortacullin (County Clare)Gortahover (County Tipperary)
Gortanimill (County Cork)Gortatoor (County Mayo)
Gortbrack North (County Mayo)Gorteen (County Sligo)
Gorteendarragh (County Leitrim)Gorteennakilla (County Cork)
Gortlownan (County Sligo)Gortnagulla (County Kerry)
Gortnatubbrid (County Cork)Gortnavern (County Donegal)
Goward (County Down)Gowlane North (County Cork)
Graigavalla (County Waterford)Graigue (County Kerry)
Grainne's Enclosure - Hill Of Tara (County Meath)Grallagh (County Dublin)
Grange - Lough Gur (County Limerick)Grange Abbey - Donaghmede (County Dublin)
Grange Lios - Lough Gur (County Limerick)Grangefertagh (County Kilkenny)
Grania's Cave - Radergan (County Tyrone)Graveyard Stones - Hill Of Tara (County Meath)
Greagh (County Monaghan)Greatheath (County Laois)
Greatheath I (County Laois)Greatheath II (County Laois)
Greatheath III (County Laois)Greatheath IV (County Laois)
Greatheath V (County Laois)Greatheath VI (County Laois)
Greatheath VII (County Laois)Greatisland (County Wexford)
Greenan (County Fermanagh)Greenanstown (County Meath)
Greenhill (County Cork)Grianan an Ailleach - Grianan of Ailech (County Donegal)
Gubnaveagh (County Leitrim)Gurranebawn (County Kerry)
Gurteen (County Kerry)Gurteen Lower (County Waterford)


Haroldstown - Nr Haroldstown Waste Center (County Carlow)Harristown (County Waterford)
Heapstown Cairn (County Sligo)Heathtown (County Meath)
Herbertstown (County Meath)Highfield (County Antrim)
Hill Of Slane (County Meath)Hill Of Tara (County Meath)
Hill Of Uisneach (County Westmeath)Hollywood Great (County Dublin)
Holy Island - Inishcealtra (County Clare)House Of Synods - Hill Of Tara (County Meath)
Howth (County Dublin)Howth Castle (County Dublin)
Huntington (County Carlow)Hurlstone (County Louth)


Inch (County Dublin)Inch Island - Carnaghan (County Donegal)
Inch St. Lawrence (County Limerick)Inchincurka (County Cork)
Inchireagh (County Cork)Inchybegga (County Cork)
Inish - Our Lady's Island (County Wexford)Inishcealtra (County Clare)
Inishkeel (County Donegal)Inishkeen (County Monaghan)
Inishmurray (County Sligo)Island (County Cork)


Jamestown Cross - Stepaside Public Golf Course (County Dublin)Johnstown (County Carlow)


Keadeen (County Wicklow)Kealduff Upper (County Kerry)
Kealfoun (County Waterford)Kealkil (County Cork)
Keamcorravooley (County Cork)Keel East (County Mayo)
Keem (County Mayo)Keerin (County Tyrone)
Kells (County Meath)Kells Market Cross (County Meath)
Kelly's Cave - Nymphsfield (County Mayo)Kelshamore (County Wicklow)
Kelshamore 2 (County Wicklow)Kelshamore 3 (County Wicklow)
Keran (County Fermanagh)Kesh Caves - Keshcorran (County Sligo)
Keshcorran (County Sligo)Kilbaylet Lower (County Wicklow)
Kilbeg (County Wicklow)Kilbeg 2 (County Wicklow)
Kilbenan (County Galway)Kilberrihert (County Tipperary)
Kilbrack (County Waterford)Kilbrien Lower (County Waterford)
Kilbroney (County Down)Kilbunny (County Waterford)
Kilclooney (County Waterford)Kilclooney More (County Donegal)
Kilcomeragh (County Waterford)Kildare (County Kildare)
Kildreenagh (County Carlow)Kildreenagh 2 (County Carlow)
Kildun (County Mayo)Kilfeaghan (County Down)
Kilfenora (County Clare)Kilfountan (County Kerry)
Kilgobbin (County Dublin)Kilgobbin Cross (County Dublin)
Kilgowen (County Kildare)Kilgraney (County Carlow)
Kilgreany (County Waterford)Kilkenny (County Kilkenny)
Kilkieran (County Kilkenny)Kill Of The Grange (County Dublin)
Killabeg (County Wexford)Killadangan - Killdangan (County Mayo)
Killadeas (County Fermanagh)Killaghtee (County Donegal)
Killakee - Macey Woods (County Dublin)Killala (County Mayo)
Killamery (County Kilkenny)Killargue (County Leitrim)
Killary (County Meath)Killbarrymeaden (County Waterford)
Killcullen South (County Cork)Killeen - Cloonlaur (County Mayo)
Killeen Cormac - Killeencormac (County Kildare)Killeenemer (County Cork)
Killegar (County Dublin)Killelan (County Kildare)
Killerry (County Sligo)Killevy (County Armagh)
Killfane Church (County Kilkenny)Killickaweeny (County Kildare)
Killina (County Monaghan)Killinaboy (County Clare)
Killinagh (County Cavan)Killiney - Killiney Church (County Dublin)
Killiney Church (County Dublin)Killinure South (County Westmeath)
Killoluaig (County Kerry)Killone (County Laois)
Killoughternane (County Carlow)Killucan (County Tyrone)
Killy Beg (County Fermanagh)Killydrutan (County Monaghan)
Killyglen (County Antrim)Kilmacduagh (County Galway)
Kilmackowen (County Cork)Kilmaclenine (County Cork)
Kilmakee (County Antrim)Kilmalkedar (County Kerry)
Kilmalkedar Cross (County Kerry)Kilmalkedar Ogham Stone (County Kerry)
Kilmashogue - Kilmashogue Hill (County Dublin)Kilmissan (County Carlow)
Kilmogue (County Kilkenny)Kilmonaster Middle (County Donegal)
Kilmore Upper (County Cavan)Kilmurry (County Wicklow)
Kilmurry North (County Wicklow)Kilnagnady (County Cork)
Kilnameel (County Fermanagh)Kilnasaggart (County Armagh)
Kilnavert (County Cavan)Kilranelagh - Kilranelagh Graveyard (County Wicklow)
Kilree (County Kilkenny)Kilrooskagh (County Fermanagh)
Kilroot (County Antrim)Kilrossanty (County Waterford)
Kilruane (County Tipperary)Kilteel (County Kildare)
Kiltera (County Waterford)Kiltiernan Domain (County Dublin)
Kiltoom (County Roscommon)Kiltrassy (County Kilkenny)
Kiltuck - St. Anne's Church Shankhill (County Dublin)Kilvarnet (County Sligo)
Kinard East (County Kerry)Kindlestown (County Wicklow)
King's Mountain (County Meath)Kingston (County Wicklow)
Kinneigh (County Cork)Kinnity (County Offaly)
Knappaghmanagh (County Mayo)Knappogue (County Clare)
Knickeen - Glen Of Imail (County Wicklow)Knockadoo (County Sligo)
Knockanaffrin (County Waterford)Knockananiller (County Dublin)
Knockanbaun (County Sligo)Knockannavea (County Dublin)
Knockanteedan - Glassamucky (County Dublin)Knockanvinidee (County Dublin)
Knockatober (County Sligo)Knockatotaun (County Sligo)
Knockaunnagorp - knockaunnagorp (County Cork)Knockavally (County Galway)
Knockawuddy (County Galway)Knockbeha Mountain (County Clare)
Knockboy (County Waterford)Knockbrack (County Carlow)
Knockcorragh (County Waterford)Knockcurraghbola Commons (County Tipperary)
Knockcurraghbola Crowlands (County Tipperary)Knockcurraghbola Crowlands (central) (County Tipperary)
Knockcurraghbola Crowlands (east) (County Tipperary)Knockcurraghbola Crowlands (west) (County Tipperary)
Knockcurreen (County Westmeath)Knockdrum (County Cork)
Knockeen (County Waterford)Knockegan (County Limerick)
Knocken (County Dublin)Knockergrana (County Donegal)
Knockiernan (County Wicklow)Knocklane (County Sligo)
Knocklea - Rush (County Dublin)Knocklegan (County Kilkenny)
Knocklisheen Beg (County Carlow)Knockmany (County Tyrone)
Knockmaroe (County Tipperary)Knockmore (County Carlow)
Knockmullin 1 - NE of Fenagh (County Leitrim)Knockmullin 2 - NE of Fenagh (County Leitrim)
Knockmullin 3 - NE of Fenagh (County Leitrim)Knocknagin (County Meath)
Knocknakilla (County Cork)Knocknalower (County Mayo)
Knocknaneirk - NE (County Cork)Knocknaneirk - SW (County Cork)
Knocknarea (County Sligo)Knocknashee (County Sligo)
Knockninny (County Fermanagh)Knockoneill (County Derry)
Knockpatrick (County Limerick)Knockraheen (County Cork)
Knockroe (County Carlow)Knocks N (County Cork)
Knocks S (County Cork)Knockshanbally (County Mayo)
Knockshanbrittas (County Tipperary)Knockshanvo (County Clare)
Knockskagh (County Cork)Knocktemple (County Wicklow)
Knowth (County Meath)Knowth - Rock Art (County Meath)
Kyle (County Wexford)Kyle Cemetery - Clonfertmulloe (County Laois)


Labanstown - The Parsonage, Parsonstown (County Louth)Labbacallee (County Cork)
Labbamologa (County Cork)Labbamologa Middle (County Cork)
Labbydermot - Coom (County Kerry)Labbyfirmore - Corgreagh (County Monaghan)
Lackaghatermon (County Donegal)Lackamore (County Tipperary)
Lackanagoneeny (County Limerick)Lackanashinagh (County Cork)
Lackaroe (County Kerry)Laegh - The Hill Of Tara (County Meath)
Lagan (County Monaghan)Laghtneill (County Cork)
Lagnagoushee (County Waterford)Lamoge - Lamoge Farm (County Kilkenny)
Larch Hill - Larch Hill Scout Camp (County Dublin)Larkfield (County Leitrim)
Laughanstown (County Dublin)Laughlanstown (County Dublin)
Laughlanstown II (County Dublin)Laughlanstown III (County Dublin)
Lavally (County Galway)Layd (County Antrim)
Laytown (An Inse) (County Meath)Leac na Scail - Kilmogue (County Kilkenny)
Leacanabuaile - Kimego West (County Kerry)Lead Mines - Carrickgollogan (County Dublin)
Leagaun (County Galway)Leana (County Clare)
Lecarrowkilleen (County Mayo)Leean (County Leitrim)
Leean Mountain (County Leitrim)Legalough (County Cavan)
Legananny (County Down)Legeelan (County Cavan)
Legland (County Tyrone)Leighlinbridge (County Carlow)
Leitrim (County Wicklow)Leitrim North (County Sligo)
Lemgare (County Monaghan)Lemnagh Beg (County Antrim)
Lennan (County Monaghan)Leopardstown (County Dublin)
Letterdeen (County Galway)Lettergorman N (County Cork)
Lettergorman S (County Cork)Lickbla (County Westmeath)
Lickeen (County Wicklow)Lisballyard (County Tipperary)
Lisboy (County Antrim)Lisbunny (County Tipperary)
Lisda Rush - Lisdarush (County Leitrim)Lisdarush (County Leitrim)
Lisdonan (County Cavan)Lisdoo (County Armagh)
Lisduff (County Mayo)Lisnadarragh (County Monaghan)
Lisnahay South (County Antrim)Lisnamanny (County Antrim)
Lisnaskea (County Fermanagh)Lissacarrow (County Roscommon)
Lissanover (County Cavan)Lissylisheen (County Clare)
Lissyvigeen (County Kerry)Listoghil - Carrowmore (County Sligo)
Little Curragh (County Kildare)Little Curragh Barrow Alignment (County Kildare)
Little Curragh I (County Kildare)Little Curragh II (County Kildare)
Little Curragh III (County Kildare)Little Curragh IV (County Kildare)
Little Curragh IVb (County Kildare)Little Curragh V (County Kildare)
Little Curragh VI (County Kildare)Little Curragh Va (County Kildare)
Little Curragh Vb (County Kildare)Little Curragh Vc (County Kildare)
Loher (County Kerry)Long Woman's Grave - Windy Gap (County Louth)
Longstone (County Tipperary)Longstone Rath - Forenaghts Great (County Kildare)
Lorrha (County Tipperary)Lorum (County Carlow)
Lough Ervey (County Meath)Lough Gur - Circle C - Loughgur (County Limerick)
Lough Gur O - Loughgur (County Limerick)Lough Gur P - Loughgur (County Limerick)
Lough-na-Crannagh (County Antrim)Loughannascaddy (County Mayo)
Loughash (County Tyrone)Loughbrack (County Tipperary)
Loughconnelly (County Antrim)Loughcrew - Corstown (County Meath)
Loughcrew - Corstown - Loughcrew (Carnbane East) (County Meath)Loughcrew - Newtown - Loughcrew (Carnbane West) (County Meath)
Loughcrew - Patrickstown - Patrickstown (County Meath)Loughgur - Lough Gur (County Limerick)
Loughmacrory (County Tyrone)Loughmoney (County Down)
Loughscur (County Leitrim)Lugg (County Dublin)
Lugmore (County Dublin)Lugnagappul (County Kerry)
Lugnagroagh (County Wicklow)Lugnagun (County Wicklow)
Lurga Lower (County Mayo)Lurgankeel (County Louth)
Lusk - Bullaun (County Dublin)Lusk - Round Tower (County Dublin)
Lyre (County Waterford)


Maeve's Cairn - Knocknarea (County Sligo)Magh Adhair (County Clare)
Maghera (County Down)Magheracar (County Donegal)
Magheraghanrush (County Sligo)Magheranaul (County Donegal)
Magnacool Lower (County Wicklow)Malin More (County Donegal)
Mallahow (County Dublin)Manger (County Laois)
Manning (County Cork)Manragh Upper (County Cavan)
Marblehill North (County Galway)Marblehill South (County Galway)
Maryfort or Lismeehan (County Clare)Massford (County Down)
Massreagh (County Donegal)Matthewstown (County Waterford)
Maughanaclea NE (County Cork)Maughanasilly (County Cork)
Maulatanavally (County Cork)Maulmore (County Cork)
Maumanorig (County Kerry)Mautiagh (County Leitrim)
Mayo (County Cavan)Mayo 1 (County Down)
Mayo 2 (County Down)Meelaghans (County Offaly)
Meelaghans II (County Offaly)Meelick (County Mayo)
Meendoran (County Donegal)Meggagh (County Clare)
Mellifont Abbey (County Louth)Menlough (County Galway)
Mevagh (County Donegal)Mevagh Church Yard - Clontallagh (County Donegal)
Middletown (County Cavan)Mihanboy (County Roscommon)
Mill Little (County Cork)Milleen Meva - Rathcroghan (County Roscommon)
Milleens (County Kerry)Millin Bay (County Down)
Milltown (County Kerry)Minard West (County Kerry)
Miner's Village - Glendalough (County Wicklow)Misgaun Meva - Rathcroghan (County Roscommon)
Moanmore West (County Galway)Modorragh - Moddoragh (County Leitrim)
Moheramoylan (County Clare)Moiry (County Armagh)
Molly's Cross Roads - Tankardstown (County Carlow)Monaincha (County Tipperary)
Monanclogh (County Antrim)Monaneea (County Waterford)
Monascrebe (County Louth)Monasterboice (County Louth)
Monavallet (County Louth)Moneen (County Cork)
Moneydig (County Derry)Moneygashel (County Cavan)
Moneyslane (County Down)Monkey's Bridge - Glandine (County Cork)
Montiaghroe (County Fermanagh)Montpelier (County Dublin)
Moone (County Kildare)Moone High Cross Hotel I - Bolton Hill (County Kildare)
Moone High Cross Hotel II - Bolton Hill (County Kildare)Moone High Cross Hotel III & IV - Bolton Hill (County Kildare)
Morett (County Laois)Mornington - Ladys Finger - South Bull Penninsula (County Meath)
Mornington - Maidens Tower - South Bull Penninsula (County Meath)Mothel (County Waterford)
Mound Of Down - Downpatrick (County Down)Mound Of Hostages - Hill Of Tara (County Meath)
Mount Mellory Abbey - Mountmellory (County Waterford)Mount Oriel (County Meath)
Mount Venus - Woodtown (County Dublin)Mountdrum (County Fermanagh)
Mountdrum Archaeological Complex (County Fermanagh)Mountseskin (County Dublin)
Moylisha (County Wicklow)Moymore (County Tyrone)
Moyne (County Laois)Moyree Commons (County Clare)
Moytirra (County Sligo)Moytirra East (County Sligo)
Muckduff Upper (County Wicklow)Muingelly (County Mayo)
Muiredach's Cross - Monasterboice (County Louth)Mullagh (County Meath)
Mullagharoy (County Meath)Mullaghboy (County Cavan)
Mullaghfarna (County Sligo)Mullaghhawny (County Mayo)
Mullaghmore (County Down)Mullamast (County Kildare)
Mullamast Long Stone (County Kildare)Mullyard - Mulllyard (County Monaghan)
Munmahoge (County Waterford)Muntermellan (County Donegal)
Murnells (County Tyrone)Mweeling (County Waterford)
Myshall (County Carlow)


National Heritage Center - Ferrycarrig (County Wexford)Nellie's Rock - Curraghalaher (County Roscommon)
New Baun - Newbawn (County Wexford)Newcastle (County Dublin)
Newgrange (County Meath)Newgrove (County Clare)
Newmarket (County Kilkenny)Newtown Hill (County Dublin)
Noughaval (County Clare)Nurney (County Carlow)


O'Connor Cross - Commeen (County Roscommon)Old Kilcullen (County Kildare)
Onagh (County Wicklow)Oran (County Roscommon)
Ossian's Grave - Lubitavish (County Antrim)Oughterard (County Kildare)
Oughtihery (County Cork)Oughtihery (W) (County Cork)
Our Lady's Well - Inishcealtra (County Clare)Oweynagat - Rathcroghan (County Roscommon)
Owning (County Kilkenny)


Paddock (County Louth)Paddock Hill (County Wicklow)
Palmerstown Lower (County Dublin)Park (County Waterford)
Parkmore (County Wicklow)Parknabinnia (County Clare)
Parknasilog (County Wicklow)Pat Kearney's Big Stone - Goward (County Down)
Patrickstown Hill (County Meath)Patrickswell (County Carlow)
Phoenix Park - Knockmaroon (County Dublin)Piperstown (County Dublin)
Pollanaroo (County Roscommon)Pookauncorrin - Doonmanagh (County Kerry)
Portavoe (County Down)Porterstown (County Westmeath)
Portmarnock (County Dublin)Poulaphuca (County Clare)
Poulawack (County Clare)Poulnabrone (County Clare)
Poundcarton (County Mayo)Powersknock (County Waterford)
Prebaun (County Mayo)Prince William's Seat (County Wicklow)
Proleek (County Louth)Puck's Castle (County Dublin)
Punchestown - Near Punchestown Race Course (County Kildare)


Radeery (County Monaghan)Radergan (County Tyrone)
Raffony (County Cavan)Rahan (County Offaly)
Raheen (County Wicklow)Raheens (County Waterford)
Rath Beg - Rathcroghan (County Roscommon)Rath Cruachan - Rathcroghan (County Roscommon)
Rath Dubh - Teltown (County Meath)Rath East (County Wicklow)
Rath Gael (County Wicklow)Rath Loaghlaire - Hill Of Tara (County Meath)
Rath Maeve - Near Hill Of Tara (County Meath)Rath Mor - Rathcroghan (County Roscommon)
Rathcobican (County Offaly)Rathcool (County Cork)
Rathcoon (County Meath)Rathcroghan (County Roscommon)
Rathfeigh (County Meath)Rathfran (County Mayo)
Rathfran North (County Mayo)Rathfranpark (County Mayo)
Rathgarve (County Westmeath)Rathgeran (County Carlow)
Rathgeran Lower (County Carlow)Rathgeran Upper (County Carlow)
Rathglass (County Carlow)Rathkenny (County Meath)
Rathlackan (County Mayo)Rathmaiden (County Waterford)
Rathmichael (County Dublin)Rathmichael Church (County Dublin)
Rathmore (County Westmeath)Rathnadarve - Rathcroghan (County Roscommon)
Rathvilly (County Carlow)Rathwire - Killucan (County Westmeath)
Rattoo (County Kerry)Rausker (County Monaghan)
Ravens Rock (County Wicklow)Ravensdale Park (County Louth)
Ray (County Donegal)Realtoge (County Meath)
Reanacaheragh - Reanacareragh (County Cork)Reananarree (County Cork)
Reanascreena (County Cork)Reask (County Kerry)
Reefert Church (County Wicklow)Reyfad (County Fermanagh)
Riesk (County Wexford)Robinstown Great (County Wexford)
Rochestown (County Kilkenny)Rock Of Cashel (County Tipperary)
Rock of Cashel (County Tipperary)Rock of Dunamase - Aghnahily or Ballycarrol (County Laois)
Rockbrook - Rockbrook Village (County Dublin)Rockbrook 2 - Rockbrook Village (County Dublin)
Rockmarshall (County Louth)Rooves Beg (County Cork)
Rooves More (County Cork)Roscam (County Galway)
Roscrea (County Tipperary)Rosdoagh (County Mayo)
Roshin South (County Donegal)Rosscarbery (County Cork)
Rosserk Friary - Abbeytown (County Mayo)Rossinver (County Leitrim)
Rossnakilla (County Cork)Rostellan (County Cork)
Roundwood - Togher Beg (County Wicklow)Roundwood Graveyard I - Ballinacorbeg (County Wicklow)
Roundwood Graveyard II - Ballinacorbeg (County Wicklow)Roundwood Graveyard III - Ballinacorbeg (County Wicklow)
Rusheen West (County Mayo)Rusheens West (County Mayo)
Russellhill (County Cork)Rylane (County Cork)


Saintkierans (County Wexford)Sandville (County Derry)
Savagetown (County Waterford)Saval More (County Down)
Scartaglin (County Kerry)Scartnadrinnymountain (County Waterford)
Scotchomerbane (County Antrim)Scraghy (County Tyrone)
Scrahallia (County Galway)Scrahanard (County Cork)
Scribbagh (County Fermanagh)Scurlocksbridge (County Wexford)
Seahan Hill (County Dublin)Seahan I (County Dublin)
Seahan II (County Dublin)Seahan III (County Dublin)
Seahan IV (County Dublin)Seefin Hill - 5 km East of Kilbride (County Wicklow)
Seefingan (County Wicklow)Seir Kieran (County Offaly)
Sess Kilgreen (County Tyrone)Seven Churches - Inishmore (County Galway)
Sevenchurches or Camaderry (Glendalough k) (County Wicklow)Sevenchurches or Camaderry (Glendalough l) (County Wicklow)
Shalwy (County Donegal)Shanballyedmond (County Tipperary)
Shanballynakill (County Offaly)Shandangan (County Clare)
Shankhill (County Dublin)Shanralagh (County Cork)
Sheebeg (County Leitrim)Sheemore (County Leitrim)
Sheemore (central tomb) (County Leitrim)Sheemore (north tomb) (County Leitrim)
Sheemore (south tomb) (County Leitrim)Sheepstown (County Kilkenny)
Sheskin (County Waterford)Shesknan (County Leitrim)
Shevry (County Tipperary)Shrone Beg (County Kerry)
Shronebirrane (County Kerry)Shrough (County Tipperary)
Sib's Stone - Slievenacloy (County Antrim)Skeagarvey (County Monaghan)
Skeaghlogan (County Mayo)Skerry (County Antrim)
Skerry West (County Antrim)Skirk (County Laois)
Skreen (County Meath)Skregg (County Roscommon)
Skull (County Cork)Slatt Lower (County Laois)
Sleanaglogh (County Wicklow)Slieve Beagh (County Meath)
Slieve Dargan (County Sligo)Slieve Gullion (County Armagh)
Slievebawn (County Carlow)Slievemore (County Mayo)
Slievenabawnogue (County Dublin)Slievenaglasha (County Clare)
Slievenagriddle (County Down)Slieveowen (County Cork)
Slievethoul (County Dublin)Slievnabawnoge (County Dublin)
Sloping Trenches - Hill Of Tara (County Meath)Sorrell Hill (County Wicklow)
Sorrento Point - Dalkey (County Dublin)Spahill 2 (County Carlow)
Spahill 3 (County Carlow)Spahill 4 (County Carlow)
Spahill House (County Carlow)Springfield (County Sligo)
Srahan (County Cavan)Srahwee (County Mayo)
Sralaghagh (County Mayo)St Brigit's Fire House - Kildare (County Kildare)
St Brigit's Stone - Termon or Killinagh (County Cavan)St Lazerian's Well - Old Leighlin (County Carlow)
St Mary's Church - Howth Castle (County Dublin)St Mogue's Well - Ferns (County Wexford)
St Moling's Well - St Mullins (County Carlow)St Patrick's Well - Cornapallis (County Roscommon)
St Peter's Church - Ferns (County Wexford)St. Abban's Well - Ballyvourney (County Cork)
St. Anne's (County Dublin)St. Anne's Well - Killanna (County Wexford)
St. Anthony's Well - Killina (County Offaly)St. Berrihert's Kyle - Kilberrihert (County Tipperary)
St. Bridget's Well And The Spout - Kilcullen (County Kildare)St. Bridgid's Well - Shangarry (County Limerick)
St. Brigid's Well - Killare (County Westmeath)St. Brigit's Chair - Cloghnagaune (County Wicklow)
St. Brigit's Church - Inishcealtra (County Clare)St. Brigit's Shrine - Faughart (County Louth)
St. Brigit's Well - Morett (County Laois)St. Caimin's Church - Inishcealtra (County Clare)
St. Ciar´┐Żn's Well - Castlekieran (County Meath)St. Coey's Well - Templecowey (County Down)
St. Colmcille's Birthplace - Lacknacoo (County Donegal)St. Colmcille's Well - Woodtown (County Dublin)
St. Columb's House - Kells (County Meath)St. Comcille's Abbey - Gartan (County Donegal)
St. Connell's - Inishkeel (County Donegal)St. Coran's Well - Youghal (County Cork)
St. Cuan's Well - Cornamucklagh (County Galway)St. Cumin's Grave - Kilcummin Church (County Mayo)
St. Cumin's Well - Kilcummin (County Mayo)St. Declan's Church - Ardmore (County Waterford)
St. Declan's Oratory - Ardmore (County Waterford)St. Doolagh's Church - Balgriffin (County Dublin)
St. Doolagh's Well - Balgriffin (County Dublin)St. Feichin's Church - Fore (County Westmeath)
St. Fiac's Well - Ballyknocker East (County Wicklow)St. Fiachre's Well - Ullard (County Kilkenny)
St. Gobnat's Grave - Ballyvourney (County Cork)St. Gobnat's Stone - Ballyvourney (County Cork)
St. Gobnat's Well - Ballyvourney (County Cork)St. Hugh's Well - Cleighran More (County Leitrim)
St. Kevin's Chair - Knockroe (County Wicklow)St. Kevin's Chapel - Sevenchurches or Camaderry (County Wicklow)
St. Kevin's Cup - Meetings (County Wicklow)St. Kevin's Well (County Wicklow)
St. Kieran's Well - Kilkieran (County Kilkenny)St. Lassair's Well - Churchacres (County Roscommon)
St. Manchan's - Lemanaghan (County Offaly)St. Mark's Cross - Burgage (County Wicklow)
St. Mary's - Inishkeel (County Donegal)St. Mary's Church - Inishcealtra (County Clare)
St. Mary's Priory - Louth (County Louth)St. Mella's Cell - Lemanaghan (County Offaly)
St. Mochta's Church - Louth (County Louth)St. Molaise's House - Devenish (County Fermanagh)
St. Mullins (County Carlow)St. Munna's Church - Taghmon (County Westmeath)
St. Patrick's Chair - Boheh (County Mayo)St. Patrick's Chair & Well - Altadaven (County Tyrone)
St. Patrick's Chapel - Glencullen (County Dublin)St. Patrick's Cross - Rock Of Cashel (County Tipperary)
St. Patrick's Knee - Clonaltra West (County Westmeath)St. Patrick's Stone - Grange More (County Tipperary)
St. Patrick's Well - Farmullagh (County Longford)St. Saviour's (County Wicklow)
Staigue (County Kerry)Staigue Bridge (County Kerry)
Staigue Fort (County Kerry)Standing Stones Hill - Tornagrough (County Antrim)
Stone Of Destiny - Hill Of Tara (County Meath)Stoolery Hill (County Clare)
Strandhill (County Sligo)Streedagh (County Sligo)
Struell Wells (County Down)Sunnagh More (County Leitrim)
Sutton Castle (County Dublin)Sutton South (County Dublin)
Swords (County Dublin)


Taghadoe (County Kildare)Taghboyne - Taghboyne Farm (County Westmeath)
Talbotstown Lower (County Wicklow)Tallanstown (County Louth)
Tamlaght (County Tyrone)Tamnaharry (County Down)
Tamnyrankin (County Derry)Tamybuck (County Antrim)
Tanrego East (County Sligo)Tanrego West (County Sligo)
Tawnamachugh (County Leitrim)Tawnatruffaun (County Sligo)
Tawnymanus (County Leitrim)Templebryan (County Cork)
Templecronan - Termon (County Clare)Templeline - Ballyline (County Clare)
Templemoyle (County Donegal)Templenaboe - St Mullins (County Carlow)
Templenaffrin (County Fermanagh)Templepeter (County Carlow)
Templerushin (County Fermanagh)Termon (County Clare)
Termonfeckin (County Louth)Tervillin (County Antrim)
The Baltynanima Stone - Roundwood (County Wicklow)The Bargaining Stone - Inishcealtra (County Clare)
The Bell Stone - Kilmannon (County Wexford)The Birthing Stone - Inishmurray (County Sligo)
The Bishop Stone - Killadeas (County Fermanagh)The Calf House - Burren (County Cavan)
The Cashell - Cornamucklagh South (County Monaghan)The Church of the Wounded Men - Inishcealtra (County Clare)
The Coffin Stone - Djouce - Djouce Mountain (County Wicklow)The Confessional - Inishcealtra (County Clare)
The Crawtree Stone - Kilkeel (County Down)The Cross Of The Rock - Blackrock (County Dublin)
The Curragh (County Kildare)The Dailteen Stone - Toor (County Wicklow)
The Deer Stone (Glendalough D) - Derrybawn (County Wicklow)The Derryleckagh Longstones - Derryleckagh (County Down)
The Doon Stones - Pubble (County Fermanagh)The Druid Stone - Magheraboy (County Antrim)
The Druids' Circle - Kenmare (County Kerry)The Druids' Judgement Seat - Killiney (County Dublin)
The Fairy Ring - Baltynanima (County Wicklow)The Giant's Ring - Ballynahatty (County Down)
The Giant's Stone - Big Dog (County Fermanagh)The Gossan Stones (County Wicklow)
The Great Bailey - Howth (County Dublin)The Great Hall - Hill Of Tara (County Meath)
The Great Heath - Greatheath (County Laois)The Great Sugar Loaf - Glencap Commons (County Wicklow)
The Hag's Chair - Knockadoon (County Limerick)The Harp Stone - Whitfield North (County Waterford)
The Hole Stone - Holestone (County Antrim)The Honey Mug - Tamlaght (County Tyrone)
The Jumping Church - Kilmedock (County Louth)The Kempe Stones - Greengraves (County Down)
The Killycluggin Stone - Killicluggin (County Cavan)The King's Seat - Hill Of Tara (County Meath)
The King's Stables - Navan Fort (County Armagh)The Knee - Lisballyard (County Tipperary)
The Labby Rock - Carrickglass (County Sligo)The Longstone - Ballard (County Armagh)
The Maidens - Antynanum (County Antrim)The Milestone - Milltown (County Kerry)
The Mottee Stone - Cronebane (County Wicklow)The Nine Stones - Slievebawn (County Carlow)
The Nun's Church - Clonmacnoise (County Offaly)The Paps of Anu (County Kerry)
The Pillar Stone - Lough Gur (County Limerick)The Piper's Stones - Brewel Hill (County Kildare)
The Relic - Tonygarrow (County Wicklow)The Ring - Near Dowdenstown Cross Roads (County Kildare)
The Rock Of Doon - Doon (County Donegal)The Rocking Stone - Killynaght (County Derry)
The Schoolhouse Cairn - West Divivsion (County Antrim)The Seven Fonts (Glendalough a) - Brockagh (County Wicklow)
The Seven Wells - Leitrim North (County Sligo)The Shaking Stone - Clogherbog (County Fermanagh)
The Shannon Pot - Legnashinna (County Cavan)The Spectacles - Lough Gur (County Limerick)
The Stone Of The Tree - Lough Gur (County Limerick)The Tampauns - Reanadampaun Commons (County Waterford)
The Tardree Stone - Browndod (County Antrim)The Three Brothers - Lisglass (County Antrim)
The Three Fingers - Gurranes (County Cork)The Three Friars (County Kilkenny)
The Three Sisters - Greenan (County Down)The Wart Stone - Kilmashogue (County Dublin)
The Well Of The White Cow - The Hill Of Tara (County Meath)The West Cross - Monasterboice (County Louth)
The White Church - Killoughternane (County Carlow)The White Lady - Ballymacaw (County Waterford)
The Womens' Church - Inishmurray (County Sligo)Three Rocks Mountain (County Dublin)
Tibradden (County Dublin)Ticlash (County Wicklow)
Ticloy (County Antrim)Tihilly (County Offaly)
Timahoe (County Laois)Timoney Stones - Cullaun (County Tipperary)
Tinnacarrig (County Carlow)Tinnahinch 1 (County Laois)
Tinnahinch 2 (County Laois)Tinode 1 (County Wicklow)
Tinode 2 (County Wicklow)Tinornan Hill (County Wicklow)
Tinure (County Louth)Tiredigan (County Monaghan)
Tireighter - Loughash (County Derry)Tirkane (County Derry)
Tirnoney (County Derry)Tisrara (County Roscommon)
Tober Anna - Ballylaneen (County Waterford)Tober Grania - Ballycroum (County Clare)
Tober na Fiachtnan - Termon (County Clare)ToberBridhe - Myshall (County Carlow)
Toberbile (County Antrim)Tobergill (County Antrim)
Tobernacogany - Fore (County Westmeath)Tobernaveen (County Sligo)
Toberpatrick - Glen (County Fermanagh)Tobersool (County Dublin)
Tobertown (County Dublin)Tombeagh (County Carlow)
Toom (County Cork)Toome (County Donegal)
Toor (County Wicklow)Toor Well - Monalummery (County Waterford)
Tooreen (County Waterford)Tooreen West (County Waterford)
Toormore (County Cork)Topped Mountain (County Fermanagh)
Tornant Lower (County Wicklow)Tornant Upper (County Wicklow)
Toureen Peacaun (County Tipperary)Toureen Peakaun (County Tipperary)
Townend (County Antrim)Townfields (County Tipperary)
Townley Hall (County Louth)Townley Hall - Souterrain (County Louth)
Trawlebane (County Cork)Treanmore (County Sligo)
Treenearla Commons (County Waterford)Trinity Chapel (County Wicklow)
Trooperstown (County Wicklow)Tullagee (County Louth)
Tullaghore (County Antrim)Tullaherin - Tullaherin Monastic Site (County Kilkenny)
Tully Church - Laughlanstown (County Dublin)Tullycommon (County Clare)
Tullymally (County Down)Tullynafreave (County Cavan)
Tullyoscar (County Leitrim)Tullyskeherny (County Leitrim)
Tulnacross (County Tyrone)Turlough (County Mayo)
Turnaspidogy (County Cork)Turoe Stone - Turos Stone (County Galway)
Turraloskin (County Antrim)Two Rocks Mountain (County Dublin)
Tyredagh Lower (County Clare)


Ullard (County Kilkenny)Uragh (County Kerry)
Uragh (west) (County Kerry)Urney (County Louth)


Vicars Carn - Vicarscarn (County Armagh)Violethill (County Clare)


Wardhouse (County Leitrim)Wateresk (County Down)
Waterstown (County Carlow)West Torr (County Antrim)
Westown North (County Dublin)White Island (County Fermanagh)
White Park (County Antrim)Whitechurch (County Dublin)
Whitechurch - Grave Slab (County Dublin)Whiterath (County Louth)
Whitestown East (County Waterford)Williamstown (County Carlow)
Windgap or Ardmore (County Waterford)
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