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Grid RefT 124 968
Longitude6° 19' 30.7" W
Latitude53° 0' 36.5" N
ITM east480366
ITM north584435
Nearest TownLaragh (1.9 Km)
OS Sheet56
UTM zone29U
UTM x449041
UTM y5761192

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Visit Notes

Sunday, 5th October 2003

Finally I have been to the visitor centre at Glendalough and very good it is too. The audio-visual presentation is a bit 'wishy-washy' and tells you very little about Glendalough itself, concentrating more on monastic life in Ireland.

Despite this quite disappointing start the rest of the displays are very informative and enjoyable. There is a nice model of what the settlement may have looked like in its prime as well as some good information boards.

Located inside you will find the Market Cross, featuring a crucifixion and bishop carved in high relief and some lovely Celtic knotwork. Also the nicer cross slabs have been moved inside too for protection.

Another mystery was also solved. I had heard that there were two bullaun stones next to St. Kevin's Chapel (County Wicklow), but could only ever locate one of them. The other has been moved inside the visitor centre and has a turn stone within it.

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Sunday, 3rd May 2009

I'm not going to make an entry against each monument I took my mum to today. The pleasure of walking and talking to my mum was the reason for this visit. With her living in Spain I don't see enough of her and today's walk was a real pleasure.

I will use the trip as an excuse to post a variety of images from around Glendalough, though, some of which don't contain monuments. It's a great place and the valley itself is a monument in its own right.

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