Thursday, 9th May 2013

Back On The Road After Far Too Long

There's a wonderful feeling I used to experience and for far too long took or granted. That feeling is the one of parking the car, walking to the back, putting on a pair of walking boots and getting excited about seeing something new! It's such a simple thing, but it's wonderful.

I had the chance to spend a few wet days in Armagh and decided I would try to take it easy, but visit some places again, and see some new monuments. When staying in Armagh you can't avoid going to Navan Fort and the King's Stables, even if you've been there before, so these were the main targets of the first day. The weather meant I had to do them in a weird order, starting at the King's Stables, visiting a couple of other sites and then coming back to Navan Fort.

I also had a look round Armagh Museum, too. It's small, but does have some nice items on show. Apart from the Mesolithic and Neolithic artefacts, there is one of the skulls found in the King's Stables. The a lot of the displays are natural history and some very fine costumes. It's worth a visit if you have an hour or so.

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