Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Waterford - BOOK

As with county Dublin the monuments of Waterford are often ignored. This is due to the the county's neighbour - County Cork - which is full of megalithic wonders.

Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Waterford addresses this shortfall by concentrating on the ancient sites in County Waterford.

Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Dublin addresses this shortfall by concentrating on the ancient sites in County Dublin. Despite hundreds of years of development and more recent suburban sprawl the county still has many prehistoric monuments. These include megalithic tombs, stone circles, barrows and standing stones.Using the same formula as Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Dublin, the first section is an in depth discussion of the county's monuments detailing their relationship to each other and the surrounding landscape by dividing the county into three areas, which can be considered alone, but still interrelate.

In order to help visitors understand the remains of the monuments they visit, section two outlines the defining characteristics of each classification of monument.

The final section is the fully indexed gazetteer of Waterford's monuments that can be used as a field guide to visit them. Each entry contains a description, directions when appropriate, positional information using the National Grid and a list of selected nearby monuments.

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