Goals for 2010

These are my goals for 2010

I want to get at least this amount of each item on megalithomania.com by the end of the year. I will consider it a success if I manage to complete 15 of the listed items. Some are easier than others, but I will not be cherry picking the simplest ones just to reach my target early. Some of them are quite difficult to reach, while others can be done without trips out. I will be saving these for rainy days.

The columns in the table below are self-explanitory. They are the description of the target, the number of items to go before the target is reached and whether I have achieved my goal. For the current year the last column will display either 'Not yet' or the date the target was reached. For past years the last column will say 'Not reached in XXXX', where XXXX is the year for that goal.

1)A total of 2200 monuments2273022nd May 2010
2)10000 photographs10181024th Sep 2010
3)150 old images150015th Apr 2010
4)125 site plans7154Not reached in 2010
5)175 court tombs15718Not reached in 2010
6)200 wedge tombs1991Not reached in 2010
7)175 portal tombs16312Not reached in 2010
8)125 passage tombs11213Not reached in 2010
9)300 standing stones28911Not reached in 2010
10)50 stone pairs446Not reached in 2010
11)55 stone rows/alignments4411Not reached in 2010
12)100 rock art sites964Not reached in 2010
13)30 barrows4409th Dec 2019
14)25 stone forts26023rd Jun 2010
15)175 bullaun stones15817Not reached in 2010
16)20 sweat houses164Not reached in 2010
17)45 high crosses13202nd Feb 2010
18)40 ogham stones319Not reached in 2010
19)50 sites in Galway712Not reached in 2010
20)30 sites in Longford1416Not reached in 2010
21)35 sites in Monaghan38022nd May 2010
22)45 sites in Westmeath149Not reached in 2010
23)35 sites in Armagh3621Not reached in 2010
24)40 sites in Limerick1417Not reached in 2010
25)30 sites in Laois23015th Apr 2010
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