Visits For October, 2004

Sunday, 3rd October 2004

Nothing Ever Goes to Plan

Is it October already? For some reason I still thought it was the last weekend in September, so I quickly changed my plans and headed off northwest to make the trip to Devenish (County Fermanagh). Oops! The ferry doesn't run after September. Not wishing to waste the journey I headed north to Castle Archdale Marina to try and get out to White Island. Guess what! The ferry times are as follows:

Easter - June .. Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays

July & August daily between the same times.

At least now I know. I did manage to drive around a bit and ad lib, seeing quiet a variety of monuments. Not a waste of a day, but not what I'd hoped for.

As an aside: I recently generated 800x600 versions of the images that can be found on my Hi-Res pages, so now you have the choice of 1024x768 or 800x600 images for desktop wallpapers. As these were generated automatically the file sizes of some are a little silly. I will rectify this ASAP.

Devenish (Co. Fermanagh)Lake or Island3 New Images
Boho (Co. Fermanagh)High Cross7 New Images
Arduagh (Co. Fermanagh)Holy Well4 New Images
Legland (Co. Fermanagh)Court Tomb4 New Images
Scribbagh (Co. Fermanagh)Sweat House3 New Images
Toberpatrick - Glen (Co. Fermanagh)Holy Well3 New Images
Killy Beg (Co. Fermanagh)Wedge Tomb4 New Images
Killy Beg (Co. Fermanagh)Wedge Tomb3 New Images
Killy Beg (Co. Fermanagh)Standing Stone1 New Image

Sunday, 10th October 2004

Knocknarea and Knocknashee

I set off very early for Sligo and arrived at Carrowmore early morning. What a sublime place it is despite the destruction of so many sites. I wanted to see a friend (who wasn't round) and to get to a few of the tombs that I hadn't managed to get to. Today was the last day that Carrowmore was open, so I am glad that I didn't leave it yet another week!

After going to another site in the area I set off southwards to take a good look at the land-locked Knocknashee - a Knocknarea-type hill to the east of the Ox Mountains. What an incredible mountain it is. My aim was to look at a selection of tombs to the NW of the hill to try and assess their relationship with this 'Hill of the Fairies'. What I discovered was quite a surprise!

I had also intended to climb up Knocknashee to take a look at the passage tombs on its plateau, but when my legs saw how big it actually is they said, "No Way!"

I will come back another day and make this pilgrimage-like climb the first thing I do on the trip. It's nice to have another thing to look forward to!

Carrowmore Tomb 27 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb1 New Image
Carrowmore Tomb 36 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb4 New Images
Carrowmore Tomb 37 (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb6 New Images
Clover Hill (Co. Sligo)Passage Tomb7 New Images
Cabragh (Co. Sligo)Wedge Tomb8 New Images
Cabragh (Co. Sligo)Wedge Tomb9 New Images
Knockadoo (Co. Sligo)Wedge Tomb3 New Images
Carrowmurray (Co. Sligo)Wedge Tomb4 New Images
Knocknashee (Co. Sligo)Sacred Hill3 New Images
Court Abbey Cemetery (Co. Sligo)Rath1 New Image
Kilvarnet (Co. Sligo)Church3 New Images

Sunday, 17th October 2004

Delvin Around in Our Past

Today's short, but very interesting, trip took me along the Dublin/Meath border that is formed by the River Delvin. At the east where the river entres the sea the Ancients built two passage grave cemeteries: one to the north now in Meath and one to the south in County Dublin. The northern one is being destroyed by the sea and the southern one is a little safer, due to being on a rocky spur of land.

Moving further inland we come to Fourknocks (County Meath), which stands on a ridge to the north of the river. On the opposite bank there is the hill of Knockbrack. This also sports a passage tomb cemetery that overlooks the river as well as another tomb on its highest point.

This concentration of passage tombs along the river gives it an importance that may have once rivalled that of the Boyne. It may well be that this river was the local centre of the culture prior to it moving to the Boyne Valley. Whatever its never-to-be-known history is there is no doubt that this valley, which eventually leads to Tara was very important.

Balrothery (Co. Dublin)Standing Stone3 New Images
Bremore (Co. Dublin)Passage Tomb9 New Images
Knocknagin (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb1 New Image
Knocknagin (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb2 New Images
Tobersool (Co. Dublin)Holy Well3 New Images
Tobertown (Co. Dublin)Holy Well3 New Images
Knockbrack (Co. Dublin)Artificial Mound7 New Images
Hollywood Great (Co. Dublin)Artificial Mound3 New Images

Monday, 25th October 2004

Rainbows in Mayo

All in all we (my wife and I) saw 7 or 8 rainbows today, giving the day out a wonderfully magical feel. We set off for northeast Mayo and west Sligo to see a few tombs and other bits and bobs. The west Sligo part didn't happen, mainly because we spent over an hour at one site watching the Atlantic crash in and admiring the silliness of some surfers playing in the waves.

The sun was with us most of the day, except when I needed it most. The wind was also making its presence known, but it was still a glorious day.

Two mountains were ever present. To the south the huge conical Nephin was always on the horizon. To the east I was amazed that Knocknarea was visible 30 miles across the water. Donegal was just visible to the northeast, but what surprised me was that other shadows seemed to lurk on the northern horizon, giving the impression of land - but this was only cloud doing a very good job of fooling the eye. It's easy to see where myths of lands out to sea that can't be reached come from.

Creevagh (Co. Mayo)Court Tomb4 New Images
Rathlackan (Co. Mayo)Court Tomb10 New Images
Castletown (W) (Co. Mayo)Court Tomb2 New Images
Castletown (E) (Co. Mayo)Court Tomb3 New Images
Carrowtrasna (Co. Mayo)Standing Stone6 New Images
Carrowsteelagh (Co. Mayo)Standing Stone1 New Image
St. Cumin's Well - Kilcummin (Co. Mayo)Holy Well5 New Images
St. Cumin's Grave - Kilcummin Church (Co. Mayo)Standing Stone8 New Images
Cashel (Co. Mayo)Court Tomb1 New Image
Breastagh (Co. Mayo)Ogham Stone2 New Images
Rathfranpark (Co. Mayo)Wedge Tomb2 New Images
Carbad Mor (Co. Mayo)Court Tomb2 New Images
Drumanone (Co. Roscommon)Portal Tomb5 New Images

Sunday, 31st October 2004

Glendruid - Brennanstown (Co. Dublin)Portal Tomb10 New Images
Brennanstown (Co. Dublin)Standing Stone1 New Image
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