Visits For May, 2004

Monday, 3rd May 2004

The man who went up a hill ... and came down wet

For many weeks now I have been promising myself that I would return to Seefin and enjoy theplace without being in the cloud. I had meant to go yesterday, but I had a migraine and stayed at home. This meant that my planned trip to Leitrim today was postponed.

The walk up to the top was easier this time: I'm a little fitter and I now know the proper route to take. About 75m from the top storms rushed in from the northwest and I passed several people sensibly heading down. Luckily the rain missed me and I managed to stay dry until a sudden hail storm around 4 o'clock. I just sat in the passage and let it pass.

I've been busy with the site lately. More rescanned images have been updated and there are now some panoramic views online. These are 200K in size, so be prepared to wait a while. I will probably add a lo-res verssion of them soon.

Seefin Hill - 5 km East of Kilbride (Co. Wicklow)Passage Tomb9 New Images

Sunday, 9th May 2004

Shee\'s Begging For More

I had planned a trip to Leitrim last week to celebrate the publication of the Leitrim Archaeological Inventory, but it didn't happen. Well, it happened today and I had a great time and visited a wide variety of site types, which is always pleasurable. Actually, visiting 10 of the same is always pleasant, so I don't know why I said that!

I started in the south at Leitrim's only ogham stone and worked my way half way up the county to Manorhamilton before turning around, heading south(ish) again and then coming home. The highlight of the day was standing on the southern slopes of Slieve Anierin and seeing Sheemore standing out on the horizon. What a hill! All the better because I'd just come down from there in the morning.

Cloonmorris (Co. Leitrim)Ogham Stone2 New Images
Cloonmorris (Co. Leitrim)Bullaun Stone2 New Images
Sheemore (Co. Leitrim)Rath1 New Image
Sheemore (Co. Leitrim)Sacred Hill3 New Images
Sheemore (north tomb) (Co. Leitrim)Passage Tomb5 New Images
Sheemore (central tomb) (Co. Leitrim)Passage Tomb2 New Images
Sheemore (south tomb) (Co. Leitrim)Passage Tomb3 New Images
Sheemore (Co. Leitrim)Rath1 New Image
Sheebeg (Co. Leitrim)Passage Tomb3 New Images
Loughscur (Co. Leitrim)Portal Tomb2 New Images
Loughscur (Co. Leitrim)Court Tomb3 New Images
Gubnaveagh (Co. Leitrim)Sweat House6 New Images
Tullyskeherny (Co. Leitrim)Court Tomb6 New Images
Tullyskeherny (Co. Leitrim)Stone Fort5 New Images
Gortlownan (Co. Sligo)Artificial Mound1 New Image
Killerry (Co. Sligo)Miscellaneous Site2 New Images

Saturday, 15th May 2004

A Bit Of Meath

This was primarily a quick dash to Tara, but I talked my wife into coming along by offering a stop at Fourknocks too (nearly always works!)

After spending an hour or so at Fourknocks, and putting together an internal panoramic, we went to a very busy Hill Of Tara. Once again The Mound Of Hostages is behind a fence so you can't really see the rock art inside. I also took GPS readings of most for the monuments while I was there.

Fourknocks (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb4 New Images
Hill Of Tara (Co. Meath)Hill FortAwaiting New Images
Mound Of Hostages - Hill Of Tara (Co. Meath)Passage Tomb1 New Image
Stone Of Destiny - Hill Of Tara (Co. Meath)Standing Stone1 New Image
The Great Hall - Hill Of Tara (Co. Meath)Cursus1 New Image

Sunday, 16th May 2004

Views, views and more views

Back to Leitrim again, this time to scale the hill I didn't feel up to last week. It was worth every ounce of the effort! A 5km round walk (a horizontal 5km - if you work it out properly it would be closer to 6km!) on the eastern slopes of Truskmore took me to three diverse monuments and provided views to travel-a-long-way-for.

Southward Crockauns, Keelogyboy, Leean Mountain and Benbo combine to make a skyline that is perhaps beyond comparison. Looking west across the hill top Sligo bay is visible through a deep gorge between Cope's Mountain and Kings Mountain (Sliabh M??r).

I won''t be back up here in a hurry though: it really is a very steep climb initially. I took over 150 photos up the top though, so I shouldn't have to go back. This in no way means I wouldn't love to be back there again at some time, but I think I'll enjoy the view from the valley floor next time.

Barracashlaun (Co. Leitrim)Court Tomb5 New Images
Aghamore (Co. Leitrim)Wedge Tomb7 New Images
Aghamore (Co. Leitrim)Cairn2 New Images
Tawnamachugh (Co. Leitrim)Portal Tomb7 New Images
Aghamore (Co. Leitrim)Hut Circle1 New Image
Corracloona (Co. Leitrim)Court Tomb5 New Images
Killargue (Co. Leitrim)Holy Well3 New Images
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