Visits For April, 2004

Sunday, 4th April 2004

Another Cork Day

Well, I wrote this one before, but after the recent server problems I lost the last lot of entries.

This trip was one of great sites, great weather and little film in the camera. I didn't get to half the sites I had intended due to bad planning on my account. Here's a handy tip: Always check you have spare film on you! Unfortunately, I was halfway up a mountain when I realised so I was unable to buy some more.

Inchincurka (Co. Cork)Wedge Tomb5 New Images
Farrannahineen (Co. Cork)Stone Row or Alignment6 New Images
Clashmaguire (Co. Cork)Stone Pair3 New Images
Cabragh (Co. Cork)Stone Row or Alignment3 New Images
Cabragh (Co. Cork)Stone Circle3 New Images
Caherkeegane (Co. Cork)Standing Stone2 New Images

Sunday, 25th April 2004

The Lost Monuments of Lugnagun

While rescanning the early images over the last few weeks I have made a note of several monuments that I want to revisit. One of these was Lugnagun (County Wicklow), and after receiving an email from Christy Darby with some up to date pictures of it my mind was made up.

I knew there was also a cairn to the west about 1km aong the ridge, so I decided to head to that too. I wasn't ready for what I came across on my walk. Several of the monuments I found are not listed, nor are they very spectacular, except when considered as a whole group along this enigmatic ridge.

I'll probably not shut up about the amazing views in my notes, but they were quite spectacular today. The main impression is that left by Seefin and Seahan to the north. These really are a fine pair of mountains...

Lugnagun (Co. Wicklow)Cairn3 New Images
Lugnagun - Lackan (Co. Wicklow)Passage Tomb5 New Images
Lugnagun (Co. Wicklow)Cairn2 New Images
Lugnagun (Co. Wicklow)Stone Row or Alignment4 New Images
Lugnagun (Co. Wicklow)Cairn2 New Images
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