Visits For November, 2003

Sunday, 30th November 2003

A Kildare Blow-Out

A tyre blow-out at 70mph that is! What a start to the day. Luckily it was my rear tyre, so I suffered no horrible loss of control or car flipping. With the camera and phone loss, it does make November my most expensive megalithing month so far though!

What was nice was being able to see Old Kilcullen (County Kildare) seated quite beautifully from the place I put the spare wheel on to the car. Uta, my wife, managed to drag a lovely bloke, Pete, out on a Sunday to open his tyre garage and replace it for me (I wasn't going to drive around on that horrible space saver wheel!)

After that I managed a few of sites, some old - some new, and finished the day off watching the sun set at Knockroe (County Kilkenny). A truly wonderful way to do so and I now feel much better about the place than I did after my first visit, but more on that later.

Churchclara (Co. Kilkenny)Ogham Stone2 New Images
Knocklegan (Co. Kilkenny)Bullaun Stone2 New Images
Kilree (Co. Kilkenny)Round Tower2 New Images
Kilree (Co. Kilkenny)Bullaun Stone1 New Image
Dunnamaggan (Co. Kilkenny)Cross1 New Image
Knockroe (Co. Kilkenny)Passage Tomb11 New Images
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