Visits For July, 2010

Thursday, 29th July 2010

A Week In Donegal - Day 4 - Inishkeel And A Portal Tomb

We obtained the local tide times from the visitor centre at Kilclooney More and headed for the beach at Portnoo to park up and cross the sands to Inishkeel, an island with two churches and several cross slabs. The low and high tides were quite far apart, so we knew we had plenty of time to make the crossing (about 800m), see the sites and get back. I didn't expect so many other people to make the crossing, too, but the island got very busy shortly after we got there.

The island has recently passed into the possession of the OPW (the house is still owned by someone else) , and one of the churches has had its end wall rebuilt. You can still see the numbers on the bricks where they were marked before the wall was taken down. They don't seem to make any sense and it looks like they were not put back in the same order that they were taken off in, but I may be wrong.

The other church is quite ruinous, but it has been rebuilt in the distant past with random parts of decorated stone that looks like old door columns and bits of arches. This give the front face a very unusual look.

We found three of the cross slabs that are supposed to be here, but the others have either been stolen or moved for safe keeping while the restoration work is being carried out.

After leaving the island when it started to rain we headed back to the Kilclooney More centre for coffee and a bun. From there we set out (by car and foot) to see the portal tomb at Lackaghatermon. As is quite typical for me I chose the hard way to approach - from the west - which took us over bog, deep ditches and barbed wire fences.

St. Connell's - Inishkeel (Co. Donegal)Church6 New Images
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St. Mary's - Inishkeel (Co. Donegal)Church4 New Images
Inishkeel (Co. Donegal)Grave or Cross Slab3 New Images
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