Visits For February, 2007

Sunday, 18th February 2007

(Knock)Layd out Cold

On Friday I thought that I'd be going to Kerry today, but by Saturday night I'd changed my mind and set my sights on heading north to County Antrim. What a glorious day to go anywhere. I was a little worried at one point just north of Belfast when I came across a 10km bank of thick fog. Luckily I emerged out of this before I reached the first site.

I started off revisiting two sites including Dooey's Cairn (County Antrim). After that I headed off to find some new sites. Most of these seemed to be tombs; the rest being standing stones. Nearly every site was dominated by Knocklayd, a glorious dome-like mountain that, along with Slemish, seems to be the focus of so many of Antrim's sites.

I had to opt out of visiting a few sites on my list due to taking a long time to find a couple of the ones I visited early on. I think I may well be back in Antrim next week to visit these sites.

Dooey's Cairn - Ballymacaldrack (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb6 New Images
Craigs Lower (Co. Antrim)Passage Tomb6 New Images
Craigs (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb7 New Images
Armoy (Co. Antrim)Round Tower3 New Images
Breen (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone4 New Images
Duncarbit (Co. Antrim)Stone Pair8 New Images
The Druid Stone - Magheraboy (Co. Antrim)Passage Tomb7 New Images
Ballyvoy (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb6 New Images
Ballyvoy (Co. Antrim)Passage Tomb6 New Images
Cloghafadd - Tervillin (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb6 New Images
Lough-na-Crannagh (Co. Antrim)Crannog2 New Images
Crockanore (Co. Antrim)Standing Stone3 New Images
Gigmagog's Grave - Beardiville (Co. Antrim)Court Tomb4 New Images
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