Visits For February, 2010

Sunday, 14th February 2010

Adding A New Dimension

This week I set out to visit some new places and some I had previously visited. The reason for the planned revisits was to go to monuments that I thought would look good in 3D. Yes, 3D! I've bought one of Fuji's new 3D cameras and although I won't be able to share the proper 3D images with you all I will be putting up some anaglyph images for you all. So, it's time to go back to the 80s, get out those blue and red glasses and start seeing things in 3D. As soon as the images are up on megalithomania I will add a new section to the home page and there'll be a new section on the site pages. 3D glasses will be available from my shop.

Talking of the shop: I've mentioned t-shirts in the past. Well, I've got two designs ready that I'll be adding to the shop soon, too. There will be more on the way later on.

Back to the trip. Myself and my daughter visited sites in Kildare, Carlow and Wexford, basically doing a small circuit around Mount Leinster. We had planned a couple of Wicklow sites on the way home, but we couldn't keep ahead of the rain.

We tried to visit a portal tomb I've not been to, but thoroughbred horses and no owner at home stopped us. I'll be back there though, as I have contact information now. The main site of the day was St. Mullins. What a great place it is. There's so much to see: a holy well, a high cross, churches, a motte and bailey, more churches and a lovely little high cross. If you go in season there's a visitor centre, too.

Moone (Co. Kildare)High Cross5 New Images
Templenaboe - St Mullins (Co. Carlow)Church4 New Images
St Moling's Well - St Mullins (Co. Carlow)Holy Well5 New Images
St. Mullins (Co. Carlow)Motte3 New Images
St. Mullins (Co. Carlow)Monastic Settlement11 New Images
St. Mullins (Co. Carlow)Round Tower3 New Images
St. Mullins (Co. Carlow)High Cross4 New Images
Curraun (Co. Wexford)Standing Stone6 New Images
St. Anne's Well - Killanna (Co. Wexford)Holy Well4 New Images
Haroldstown - Nr Haroldstown Waste Center (Co. Carlow)Portal Tomb15 New Images
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