Visits For October, 2010

Sunday, 10th October 2010

A Day On Leean Mountain

Today I had the privilege to have a guided tour of Leean Mountain by Tatjana Kymannow who has studied the area extensively over recent years and discovered an amazing amount of new monuments. The court tomb has been known for many years, but the quantity of hut sites and the like was unknown. I can't remember the total figure of hut sites, but we saw at least 20!

The court tomb is great even if it has been almost structurally destroyed. There is also a small wedge tomb or possibly a large kist nearby and a chambered cairn on the other side of the mountain. The really amazing monument, though, is a massive boulder circle that is quite unique so far. This has large boulders standing on plinths, where both the boulders and plinths have been altered in prehistory.

I got the arranged meeting time wrong by an hour and so we had to rush around bits of the mountainside, but we saw loads and I'll be back one day. The weirdest thing we saw was a huge leech! I didn't even know we had them in Ireland. The best thing I saw was the flint blade I found! WOW! My first lithic! I wouldn't have found this if I wasn't with Tatjana, so: Thank you, Tatjana, for a great day!.

Leean Mountain (Co. Leitrim)Court TombAwaiting New Images
Leean Mountain (Co. Leitrim)Hut CircleAwaiting New Images
Leean Mountain (Co. Leitrim)Wedge TombAwaiting New Images
Conray (Co. Leitrim)Chambered CairnAwaiting New Images
Leean (Co. Leitrim)Stone CircleAwaiting New Images
Leean (Co. Leitrim)Hut CircleAwaiting New Images
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