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Sunday, 10th September 2006

More Stone Circles in Wicklow?

You have to wonder how many stone circles there are left to be discovered in County Wicklow. When I heard about the (re)discovery of a five-stone stone circle in a remote location I originally decided to leave going to see it, because it sounded hard to find. However, I found myself in the area today and went to see if I could find it. How did it take so long for someone to identify this thing? It's huge.

Before I went to see the sites at Toor I stopped by the passage tomb at Carrig (County Wicklow), because some recent photos showed it to have been cleaned up a bit.

Megalithomania now has more than 6000 images of over 1600 sites! Nowhere on the internet offers more on Irish prehistoric and early Christian sites.

Carrig (Co. Wicklow)Passage Tomb5 New Images
Carrig (Co. Wicklow)Stone Circle2 New Images
The Piper's Stones - Toor (Co. Wicklow)Stone Circle4 New Images
Toor (Co. Wicklow)Henge2 New Images
Toor (Co. Wicklow)Stone Circle3 New Images
Toor (Co. Wicklow)Rock Art1 New Image
The Dailteen Stone - Toor (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone1 New Image
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