Visits For July, 2005

Sunday, 10th July 2005

Cork With Uta - Day 2

After a good night's sleep we had a slow relaxing breakfast at the campsite in the scorching morning heat. It was obvious that this day would be too hot to do much climbing or even very long walks, so we chose sites that are close to the road (except one).

As usual on the weekends away with Uta I had used the first day to show her some of my favourite sites and planned some new sites for the second day. Unfortunately for the site count we didn't get to as many sites as I'd have liked to, but we did see some interesting new stuff.

Kealkil (Co. Cork)Stone Circle12 New Images
Ballyvourney (Co. Cork)Monastic SettlementAwaiting New Images
St. Gobnat's Grave - Ballyvourney (Co. Cork)Artificial Mound2 New Images
St. Gobnat's Grave - Ballyvourney (Co. Cork)Bullaun Stone1 New Image
St. Gobnat's Well - Ballyvourney (Co. Cork)Holy Well3 New Images
St. Abban's Well - Ballyvourney (Co. Cork)Holy Well2 New Images
St. Gobnat's Stone - Ballyvourney (Co. Cork)Cross Pillar4 New Images
Glantane East (Co. Cork)Stone Circle7 New Images
Glantane East NE (Co. Cork)Stone Circle4 New Images
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