Visits For September, 2004

Sunday, 5th September 2004

Getting Carried Away in Cork and Kerry

What started out as a trip to north Cork ended up being an epic adventure through south Kerry and down the Bearra Peninsular! I managed to get to many new sites and see a few previously visited ones, mainly stone circles. I met a really nice man at Derryarkane and talked for ages with him and a little later on a woman tried to charge me two euros to enter a field to see a ruined stone circle that is just 30m from the gate - so I just took photos from the edge of the field and left! I don't mind giving the landowner a bit of money to help with the upkeep of a site, but this one is in a field full of sheep and not even a kissing gate to get into the field.

I didn't take GPS readings at every place today for some reason. Well, I just forgot to be honest. I also fell over walking down a slippery track and my camera bounced off the floor. The lens hood shattered and the lens got covered in dirt. Two sites later the lens was covered in internal condensation and typically I'd left the rest of my equipment back in the car. All the photos from this site have a lovely soft focus look to them, which I purposely used at another site later on.

The weather was fantastic. Glorious sunshine and clouds full of character. Looking across to The Dingle from many of the sites was a real treat. The mist and clouds were rolling in off the Atlantic and covering the lower slopes of the mountains and performing all sorts of 'rolling up hill' tricks.

Gorteennakilla (Co. Cork)Standing Stone4 New Images
Kealkil (Co. Cork)Stone Circle3 New Images
Breeny More (Co. Cork)Stone Circle6 New Images
Derryarkane (Co. Cork)Standing Stone2 New Images
Derryarkane (Co. Cork)Stone Circle5 New Images
Feaghna (Co. Kerry)Bullaun Stone6 New Images
Uragh (west) (Co. Kerry)Stone Circle7 New Images
Uragh (Co. Kerry)Stone Circle3 New Images
Shronebirrane (Co. Kerry)Stone Circle3 New Images
Cashelkeelty (Co. Kerry)Standing Stone1 New Image
Cashelkeelty 1 (Co. Kerry)Stone Circle6 New Images
Cashelkeelty 2 (Co. Kerry)Stone Circle5 New Images
Ardgroom Outward (Co. Cork)Stone Circle4 New Images
Caheravart (Co. Cork)Standing Stone1 New Image
Caheravart (Co. Cork)Cross2 New Images
Kilmackowen (Co. Cork)Standing Stone3 New Images
Kilmackowen (Co. Cork)Wedge Tomb4 New Images
Derreenataggart West (Co. Cork)Stone Circle7 New Images
Ballynahown (Co. Cork)Wedge Tomb3 New Images
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