Visits For May, 2007

Saturday, 5th May 2007

Waterford ... But Not For As Long As I'd Hoped

I set off this morning with the tent in the car and a plan in my head. The plan was to have two days in Waterford and see some more of the sites I haven't been to yet, but must visit for my forthcoming book. I saw a few sites and then, in Tramore at lunchtime, found a campsite and set the tent up. Then I whizzed off to see some more monuments and met some wonderfully friendly farmers - one of them walked me to two of the standings stones on his land and directed me to another. All the while he chatted about the other stones that used to be around the place and gave me directions to more elsewhere.

After a good run around east Waterford I set off back to the campsite and the hope of fine seaside fish and chips. By this time the eather seemed to be taking a turn for the worse and the air felt as if it was about to rain. The people in the chipper told me the forcast was bad for overnight, so I decided to head home rather than have to pack a wet tent in the morning. The fact that there was, apparently, a stabbing on the campsite the night before helped me to decide, too. Before setting off home I enjoyed watching the antics of some kite-surfers. The thrill from doig something so fast and elemental must be amazing, but I don't think it's for me.

The trip was a good one though, despite being shorter that I'd planned. I got to see some good stuff and revisited a couple of places, too. It does mean extra trips in the future, though, but that's no hardship - Waterford is a great county and most of the people always seem to make you welcome.

Munmahoge (Co. Waterford)Wedge Tomb4 New Images
Knockeen (Co. Waterford)Portal Tomb2 New Images
The White Lady - Ballymacaw (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone4 New Images
Carrickavrantry (Co. Waterford)Wedge Tomb4 New Images
Garranmillon Lower (Co. Waterford)Stone Pair10 New Images
Ashtown (Co. Waterford)Stone Pair7 New Images
Ashtown (Co. Waterford)Standing Stone4 New Images
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